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If there is anything that can bring complete satisfaction to a hunting enthusiast, that is a Compound Bow. A compound bow is a modern day bow with an authentic ancient touch. It uses a levering system with pulleys and cables that supports the overall structure of the bow. Common features in all compound bows are:

  • Eccentric wheels at both ends of bows.
  • 2 weight adjustments bolts for proper balancing of the bow while hunting.
  • Arrow rest to place the arrow at the time of hunting.
  • Bow strings connected by the top and bottom eccentric wheels.
  • Grip to make a firm grip at the bow while hunting.

Best Compound Bow 01-2016

  1. PSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package with Right Hand
  2. Infinite Edge Bow Package
  3. Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge
  4. SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow
  5. PSE Brute X Compound Bow
ModelDraw WeightDraw LengthIBO SpeedLet OffATA Length / Weight
PSE Ready To Shoot Surge50, 60, 70 lbs19.5" - 30"320 FPS75%32.5" / 4.3 lbs
Infinite Edge Bow Package5 - 70 lbs13 - 30"310 FPS75%31" / 3.1 lbs
Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge50, 60, 70 lbs26.5" - 30.5"330 FPS80%32" / 3.8 lbs
SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow25 to 70 lbs12" - 31"270 FPS75%35" / 4.4 lbs
PSE Brute X Compound Bow50, 60, 70 lbs25" - 30"320 FPS75%31" / 4.3 lbs.

Compound bows are preferred by hunting lovers who are not much fond of crossbows. It gives them an authentic feel while following their passion. Compound bows help you develop focus and balance. Ideal compounds are the ones that come with good quality cams to help amateurs as well as professionals make their first hunt.

Bows that are durable and have fair amount of strength are in excess demand. They are far more affordable compared to crossbows. Most of the compound bows have low maintenance and are long lasting. It is most suitable for hunters who do not want to spend much for hunting animals.

Compound Bow Reviews

Although there are many compound bows online, here are the 5 top rated compound bows you can purchase online

PSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package with Right Hand”

This 8 pound compound bow is one of the most sought after bows on Amazon because of its IBO speed which is ~320 FPS and draw length range – 19-30”. Although the string stop is a little short, PSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package with Right Hand is worth the money.

The bow comes completely assembled in the package absolutely ready to use. The accuracy this bow offers is utterly unmatchable. Perfect for amateurs as well as professionals. Crafted out of best quality materials, this is bound to last on your shoulders for the next many decades

Infinite Edge Bow Package

This 3.2 pound compound bow has its origins in Afghanistan. Made to kill the animal in the first shot itself, Infinite Edge Bow is loved by people with experience in the field of hunting. The tube peep sight is an exclusive feature that enhances the focus of the hunter.

The BCY string loops are flexible as well as durable. They are made to not break for a long time to come. One of the most versatile bows online, it shoots at 310 FPS. 74.7 ft.-lbs of kinetic energy makes it ideal for use in training programs, beginners and professionals.

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge

Weight at 3.2 pounds Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge is similar to the above bow. The bow is pink in colour with some exclusive features compared to other compound bows on Amazon. It also has a Hostage XL arrow rest and Octane DeadLock Lite Quiver.

Tube peep sight and BCY String Loop are a definite thumbs up. The draw length is adjustable ranging from 13”-30”. This makes it ideal for hunters of all sizes. With axle to axle at 31” and IBO speed at 310 FPS, it is one of the most versatile bows in the market

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

This 4.4 Pounds black compound is gaining reputation because of its affordable price and eminent quality it proffers. Although the arrow speed is lesser than others i.e. 270 FPS, SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow has got supreme quality well-crafted parts in its manufacturing.

Draw length ranges from 26”-30” increasing its use among its users. Its carbon and aluminium body makes it long lasting. Simple in design, its draw weight is ~ 55-70 lbs. It is much recommended by hunters who have years of experience in this craft. The accuracy of the bow is exceptionally good with proper weight balance

PSE Brute X Compound Bow

If you are looking for unmatchable smoothness in your hunting then there is nothing better than PSE Brute X compound bow. Re-designed madness PRO cam is an excellent addition to this compound bow. Maximum arrow is speed is whopping 320 fps.

It is known for its strength and smoothness. No professional hunter would ever advice to not go for it. The draw length is variable at 25”-30”. The draw weight can be chosen between 50 pounds or 60 pounds. Raptor grip with Ultra Rigid Riser makes its shock absorbing system unbeatable.[/vc_cta][vc_column_text]

Compound Bow Buying Guide

Infinite Edge Bow Package is one of the most sought after compound bows online. It has been exclusively designed for experienced hunters. Some of its exclusive features makes it the top rated compound bow. Some of the features that makes it a certain choice for hunting enthusiasts are –

  • 310 fps velocity of the arrows.
  • Tube peed sight cam.
  • Exceptional quality material.
  • High durability.
  • Versatility in terms of the choice of person and type of use.
  • 13”-30” draw length range.

This product can be harmlessly used by kids and amateur adults. It is highly recommended for all because of its comprehensive features and functionality.


2 compound bows that are highly recommended are Infinite Edge Bow Package and PSE Brute X compound bow. The best part about them is the quality they exhibit. Both of these have high recommendation for smooth shooting and variable uses. The durability and affordability of these bows are their USP’s. Although the latter is not available for people under 18 years of age, its sleekness and effectiveness takes a lot of votes.

Fast arrow speeds, unsurpassable quality, variable draw lengths and easy availability online makes them highly renowned among the hunters’ family. With extended warranty periods one does not to worry about the troubles that may come with time. Amazon offers most competitive prices with great discounts for both these compound bows. If you want to buy crossbow, please read best crossbow.

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