10 things you need to know when hunting with a bow

Are you one of those hunters who lament the whole year of never having to lay their hands on any game? Or you are one hunter swimming in abundance? Whichever category, you are well within your best as you are bound to benefit immensely from this piece of resource we have decided to bring across.

10 things you need to know when hunting with a bow

Just liked all the outdoor activities, bow hunting has its own share of things one must put into consideration when embarking on. Apart from the usual tidbits which all the professional archers have to contend with, some areas are worth taking into account the moment you decide to go the bow hunting route.

Though different strands of advices are abounding, there are some which may not pass the attention of any novice and professional. Looking at these and others will help you be able to efficiently go out there and get your prize game in no time. Have a look at some of the 10 things worth giving some thought when going to bow hunt:

1. Get your mark

While it may seem foolhardy, most of the successful bow hunters have perfected the art of getting to know the areas they are bound to bow hunt in. Most of the hunters prefer to hunt in larger expanses with thick wood, which in most cases does not augur well for the whole exercise.

In the majority of the cases, the areas with fewer thickets, which are assumed, could just be the best areas to go hunting in. Taking a look at the area before the whole hunting exercise begins is an important undertaking.

Early tour of the hunting area may also help distract the attention of the animals that you are just a harmless visitor to their territory. This will also help you get the right tree stand placement which is an important contributor to bow hunting success.

Another importance of early tours of the hunt catchment is that it also enables the bow hunter to study the wind direction of the area and allows him to set up the archery point away from the wind. Setting up your hunting positing in an area where trees are likely to block the view is disastrous

2. Identify the bow to use

Though the adage of a bad workman quarrelling with his tools may scare you, you need to choose your hunting bow. Bows like all materials come in all shades as there are the all too traditional bow and the modern compound bows, which could be what modern bow hunters opt for.

Though the modus operandi may seem the same, compound bows may prove to be the icing on the cake of the bow hunter. The ever changing modifications in weaponry always ensure that you use the right bow for the moment.

3. Know your effective kill range (EKR)

When under pressure, hunters may at times need to be able to pull the arrow at a cycle range of 9 inch with precision at close to 9 consecutive tries. This depends from one hunter to hunter and knowing your limit allows you to set up your shooting post accordingly.

4. The attire

Like in all sports, bow hunters may need to look at how they dress up for the all important event. Clothing may affect the overall demeanor of the archer and so at times may even impede the execution of the shot.

For instance, adorning heavy apparel in summer hunting may leave the bow hunter sweating profusely, which then affects him physiologically. It is common to see most professional hunters adorning light clothing in hot season, and heavy ones in hot season as well.

Because of the body swing and leverage in the course of the archery and the normal drawing the bow may be points of departure, what is not good for the hunter is what takes him back. So choose the clothing wisely depending on where and when you are going out there to hunt.

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5. Know when to take cover

The art of knowing when you cover is likely to be blown is important in bow hinting. For instance, to save yourself the agony of missing, you need to ensure that the game does not smell your presence, especially when the wind changes.

6. What are you hunting?

Never go bow hunting when you have no idea of what you are hunting. Knowing the behavior of the game you wish to hunt will make each and every shot you make counts. It is then advisable that one takes time reading about the animals in question and sometimes just observing them.

7. Keep the balance

The balance of the ecosystem and the hunter is quite important. Hunting if overindulged into has been reported to be a major cause of environmental and even family problems. Keeping your hunting diary is an important part of life as it ensures you are well fed while ensuring you have time for other family issues.

Additionally, continuous archery practice is also important in ensuring that you have that all important shooting balance. Some hunters go the whole season with nothing to show for as they never take time to learn new bow hunting tricks.

8. Moderation

Like in all activities, always bear in mind that bow hunting can be rather exciting, especially when you have a string of success following you. That is the point when you need to take a break and allow the hunting area to replenish.

Killing all the available game in an area may not be good because you will need to come back. Additionally, ensure that you do not stay for long at one post as this may scare away the animals you are trying to hunt.

9. Set up early

Do not wait to the start of the hunting season. Moreover, most bow hunting expeditions are better done from a raised point where the hunter can effectively look at the game from a focal point. Preparing early and setting up such a station is crucial in ensuring that the hunter gets a better view of the whole hunt area.

10. Work smart

Bow hunting is never an easy thing. Expecting an easy ride is something which should not be in the minds of the bow hunter. Bearing in mind all these and getting the correct scope of preparation will put you at the best of positions to get that delicacy on your table.


By the foregoing, the majority of what the user has to bear in mind the aspect of preparation before going for the next bow hunting expedition. However, the whole aspect of bow hunting is pegged on the attitude of the one undertaking it. Other areas may come at the fore with the ever changing face of technology, so keep your eyes open.

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