5 Things to Remember When Hunting for Deer

Nothing quite compares to hunting deer hunting, but it is no secret that it comes with its own set of ups and downs. Whether you let the downs ruin your season, though, is completely up to you. After going through some downs myself, here are 5 things that I learned and think every hunter needs to remember during hunting season.

1. You aren’t perfect.

No matter how good of a shooter you are, there are times when you will not be able to shoot your target. A lot of the time, this will happen because of errors in your range estimation. Sometimes, it will happen because you rush your shots when you shouldn’t. There are also times when cockiness might make you miss your shots. There is nothing wrong with any of that, though; just bounce back strong.

2. Big deer are tough.

While whitetails are generally known to be tough animals, big ones are even tougher. Although you can definitely kill one if you hit the right spot, you most probably won’t find the deer again if you miss by several inches.

So, when hunting big deer, always make it a point to take your time. Also, make sure you have a decent shot before actually taking your shot. It is much easier to live knowing that you simply didn’t get the perfect shot than to live knowing that you had a good shot, but only wounded your target.

3. Hands-on experience is still better than reading.

You can read about deer hunting every single day if you want to, but it won’t make you better at the sport. While the information that you can learn online is definitely valuable, it still won’t be able to beat actual hands-on experience. Not only will you be able to learn about deer by observing them in their natural habitat this way, but you will also be able to improve on your hunting skills, in general.

4. You should never wait too long.

Even if deer season is still a while away, it wouldn’t hurt to try and hit your stride earlier on. No matter what you might be busy with in life, it will always help to make time for an outing in the woods to check on your cameras and see what you will be dealing with when you actually go out for a hunt.

Aside from that, you shouldn’t wait too long to go after a deer that your cameras have already spotted, either. If you hunt a buck once a camera reveals a certain pattern, your chances of shooting him will be much higher than if you wait.

5. Have fun with it.

You might feel pressured to do well when hunting. In fact, you might feel like you have to hit a target at least once every season. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. This might also take all of the fun out of hunting, in general. The truth is, though, that you won’t be able to succeed when hunting unless you have fun doing it.

In other words, make sure you always have fun when you are out there. Once the hunt starts to feel like work instead of a pastime, you won’t get into the groove and perform as well as you want to.

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