5 Tips For Beginner Bow Hunters

If you are looking for a sport that is challenging then bow hunting is the one for you. Bow Hunting is a perfect combination of having fun along with improving your senses. Thought it is more of an art than a science, there are a few tips that will help you to improve as a bow hunter.

5 Tips For Beginner Bow Hunters

Here are the Top 5 tips that I suggest for beginning bow hunters.

1. Know your prey’s food sources

If you know the source of food of your prey, it is easy to hunt them. Leaves and bark of certain trees are favorites of different animals in different seasons. Muscadines, Water oaks, Crabapples are food sources that a deer would like.

You should be familiar with the various leaves and bark of the trees so you can identify them and then ready to hunt the animal as it comes to eat.

2. Scent Control

As you know, animals have a very keen sense of smell. It is very important to keep our human scentto the absolute minimum. You need to understand the direction of the wind and make sure that you never hunt when the wind is blowing from you towards the animal. You should take hygiene precautions such as showering that is scent-free and spraying down your body.

You also need to keep in mind the entry and exit points. Having a good hunting binocular helps a lot in times like this. You can easily check for entry and exit points form far, check the presence of the animal from far, etc.

3. Concealment

The biggest difference when it comes to bow hunting and rifle hunting is the difficulty in making the shot. You have to draw back from the animal once you see it and also, you have to do so without being detected. A good idea is to use a hunting stand which you can install on a tree. That way you have the advantage of height and you won’t be seen by the animal.

4. Make Your Shot Count

You need to make sure that when you shoot, the animal is killed. There is nothing that is worse than mortally wounding an animal and making it suffer. Wait for a perfect broadside shot and then shoot if you are a beginner. This will give you a bigger chance of making sure that the animal is hit so that it will expire. 20 yards out is generally a good distance. Also make sure that you carry your arrows in a nocked position so that you can shoot quickly.

5. After The Shot

Once you make a shot, give enough time to the animal to expire. A wounded animal is the biggest danger you can face when you go bow hunting. Try your best to pay attention to the place that your arrow hits. This will help you to understand how long it will take for the animal to expire.


I hope the above tips have helped you to improve your knowledge and understanding on bow hunting. Happy Bow Hunting!!

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