6 Tips Every Bowhunter Needs to Know

Here are 6 tips that you need to follow if you want to become a better bowhunter than you are now.

Always be patient

Through the years, I have learned how important patience really is in the world of hunting. I used to get really excited to hunt, but then left the field early on whenever I didn’t spot any deer for a while. Nowadays, however, I stay out as long as possible. I learned that there are times when deer don’t show up one day, but then show up on other days.

So, no matter how discouraging it might feel to be out there during the rut, you need to remind yourself that the best deer tend to come out during late-season hunts. Besides, the more experience you put out there, the better you will become in your future hunts. This means that the more time you put in your hunts, the more benefits you will reap from them in the long run.

Get to know your hunting grounds better

It is vital to know your hunting grounds and to investigate the different trails that deer might be traveling on, so that you can set up your bow at the perfect spot. Make use of trail cameras during the entire season to make sure that there are still deer in your chosen area, too. After all, deer tend to change their overall traveling habits as seasons go by.
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Get the right gear

When I hunt from a tree, I tend to use a 30ft rope that has a plastic clasp to get my bow into the stand and out of it. Fortunately, this kind of gear is easy to find. They are usually sold at local retailers and will also save you a lot of trouble since you won’t have to lug your bow up the stand yourself anymore.

Ideally, you should look for a dark rope in a green or black color, as well, so that it doesn’t spook the deer. If a deer sees a white rope flying in the wind, it could scare it away. If you can’t find a dark rope, though, then at least make sure that you tie your rope around a limb, so you won’t need to think about it too much.

Follow the wind

The wind has a lot to do with hunting deer. In fact, nothing could ruin a hunt more than if your targets are downwind as you hunt. While you don’t need to be a scent control freak or anything, it would be important for you to pay attention to the direction of the wind whenever you are in the woods. Unfortunately, a lot of hunters fail to do this and don’t even bring wind detection tools with them, which are also vital during a hunt.

Shoot as much as possible

Always practice shooting and don’t forget to make every shot count with each practice session. When the moment comes when a big buck appears, you only have one chance, so always mimic realistic field situations. This means practicing from different elevations, for example. It would also be highly advisable to practice while wearing the clothes that you would actually wear on the field, such as multiple clothing layers for hunting in the cold.

Always stay safe.

If you have to, use a safety harness. You might not know this yet, but falling out off of a tree stand by accident hurts a lot of hunters. You’ll never know when you might fall while climbing up a tree or climbing down it, after all.

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