7 essential gears for new firearm hunters

For hunters, the rifles and the rounds are the most important gears. But hunting isn’t an easy game. You need to spend hours in the wild before catching the target. So, you will need other items to survive in the solitude forest.

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  1. Water

It is not exactly a gear but because of its importance, I put it here as a top item. Without clean water, you can’t survive. Hunting is lurking around their feeding and bedding ground, then following them on the escaping way. The entire process costs a lot of time and energy. If you don’t supply enough essential nutrients and water, you will be exhausted. Getting down in a forest is the worst thing ever happen.

  1. Compass

A compass is indispensable for everyone who enters the wild. Sometimes you don’t need a map of the current area since you’ve already remembered. Or, there are signs in the forest. But without a compass, you will be indeed lost.

Without a compass, you need to navigate by the sun, stars, and other environmental factors. This ancient method is really hard and inaccurate. In a thick, dark forest like the Asia tropical rainforests, the sunshine will never reach you. Moreover, when spotting or tracing a damaged deer, you may lose the return way. If you don’t have a compass, chances are you will be caught in the forest labyrinth. Even if you remember where the ranger post is, you won’t come there. It’s because you go in a wrong direction.

  1. Parachute cord

No, you will not jump onto a forest from an airplane. A parachute cord is there to help you tackle other tasks. You can tie a 300kg elk to a wheelbarrow and take it home. You can use the chord to make the shelter – build the tent or hang the hammock up. You can knot your backpacks certainly and avoid dropping valuable items. In some severe conditions, a parachute cord can save a human life. You can pull someone in a hole up. Or you can tie the cord to your belly and a tree to help you get to lower places with safety.

  1. A tactical flashlight

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A good tactical flashlight is a key survival gear for every hunter. Out in the wild, visibility is the most priority. With a flashlight, you can easily detect threats and find a way out of them. The light can also help you work in dark conditions. For example: making the shelter or cooking a meal in the evening. It’s tough body allows you to use it for hammering and digging.

Another important use of the tactical flashlight is self-defense. Most of them have toothed or serrated bezels. These bezels are sharp and solid enough to be the effective weapons. The light is very tough and can replace a club to counterattack the threats. Moreover, you can point the light straight into the face of the attackers. This will disorient them, leaving you time and ways to escape.

  1. Fixed blade knife

A knife is another crucial gear in a hunter’s backpack. But unless you’re bringing a fixed blade knife, you’re unprepared. A good knife for hunters isn’t only for defense option. It needs to be able to help you tackle other tasks on the way. Carving wood, making tinder, build shelter, and preparing food, the knife need to complete them all. Therefore, you must choose a fixed blade knife, not an EDC or a Swiss army.

Fixed blade knives are more durable due to the consistent structure. You can feel safe to use it for heavy duties – most of the survival tasks are heavy. Fixed blade knives are also better in defending yourself. Choose a stainless carbon steel knife, it’s strong, reliable, and corrosion-resistant as well.

  1. Licenses & permits

It’s not actually a gear but it is an important item. It should always present in your backpack. Big game hunting is controlled by laws and there are danger species that you shouldn’t shoot. Hence, you need to apply for permits before point your gun at a wild animal. If you should without permission, you may face compensation or even court. So, be sure to submit your licenses and permits at the entrance of the hunting camp.

  1. Shooting accessories

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Either you are the bow or firearm hunter, having a couple of accessories is necessary. They increase your success rate, making the hunt more exciting and rewardable. A powerful sight can extend the effective range of your weapon and let you shoot from miles away. A larger caliber increases power and penetration to secure your targets.

Hunting with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is trending. These guns are compact, lightweight, and versatile. They bring a lot of convenience and options for the hunt. But their downside is low power and accuracy than a standard hunting rifle.

To increase the power of an AR-15, you need a larger caliber size. 300 BLK is an ideal choice. About the accuracy, using a bipod will solve the problem. A good AR-15 bipod eliminates recoil and barrel hoops, retains the reticle at the same position for many shots. It also helps you shoot from rough and hard spots as easy as from the flat ground. If you need to spend hours to wait for the animals from a shooting blind, a bipod is definitely the best choice.

If you are a big game expert, you will not forget to carry water supply or leave your permits at home. They are things that newcomers often do. And they can get troubles, legal or survival, that affect the results. Therefore, if you are new to hunting, write down the 7 things above in your list to always be well-prepared.

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