About me

About me
Let’s face it; hunting and survival go hand in hand while you’re out in the wild. How many of us have gotten lost while we’re out hunting? With this intention, survival hunting is a useful, essential skill that we all need to learn. It makes sense in the most practical way of thinking that all of these accessible small animals like birds are good for survival hunting situations. There are many ways to survive and hunt using gears and licensed hunting weapons. After all, these weapons are a mean for hunting but also a way to protect yourself in the wild.

I have spent many years of my life on camping, hiking and hunting. To be honest, I have gotten lost quite number of times even though I’m experienced hunter. To put it differently, exploring the wilderness is not as easy as you think, as the wild nature isn’t always in a permanent state of boundaries. Therefore, with my previous position in the Army service and my intensive knowledge about the wild, this website will dedicate to those who want to learn and explore survival wildness. In my vast experience of survival hunting, not only I have learned to use the essential skills of using survival and hunting tools but also I have developed problem-solving skills and self-sufficiency intellectual.

Therefore, this website will provide accurate, informative guides and reviews about hunting and survival. In other words, our aim is to provide the safest, most logical ways to survive and hunt in the wild. Also, we will review and recommend some of the best hunting and survival tools, such as crossbows and survival gears, as well as, incorporating survival techniques and hunting tools into camping and hiking experience. At the same time, not only we will review and recommend suitable places for hiking and camping but also provides the appropriate information about hunting license.

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