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I'm John Hillman & I absolutely, love camping, hiking and hunting in the wild. Before, I was in the military service for 10 years. After I was done with my service, I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide. Not only, I'm experienced in camping & trekking but also, I hold a licensed a game hunting license.

How to Protect your Tent Warm

How to Protect your Tent WarmMany people love camping but are held back by the cold that flogs their skin and keep their teeth grating all night long. Camping has always been among the most practiced recreation practiced all over the world. Statistics show that many people get the common cold from camping. However, these statistics […]

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What to Focus on When Buying Binoculars

Source: Pexels What to Focus on When Buying Binoculars Binoculars should be as common as milk and cookies. That’s right. Every household should have a stylish pair or two dangling from racks. These beauties should be taken to vineyards and fisheries and parks and swooped around the necks of tourists. Binoculars—simply two telescopes mounted side […]

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Best Southern States for Whitetails

America is one of the best places in the world to go hunting for whitetails. Successful deer hunting requires a considerable amount of preparation. Hunters have long debated which states are the best for hunting this popular game animal. Record books offer an insight into hunting success rates, but they do not paint the full […]

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Best Early Season Tactics for Preparing for the Rut

The rut is the period every fall when breeding occurs and, by far, the most anticipated hunting period is the whitetail deer rut. The phases of the rut are predictable; therefore, they can be used to tailor your tactics to each hunting trip. There is an increase in buck activity and, while small geographical variations […]

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6 Best Whitetail Hunting Locations in the United States

Taking a trip to discover new locations for hunting whitetail deer is the dream of every hunter. After all, that monster buck could be just over the state line! As the fall season approaches and you have made the decision head off into the wilderness, which direction should you be heading? With so many hunters […]

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Archery World Tour game

Archery World Tour is an implausible 3D archery recreation with real looking graphics and enjoyable archery gameplay. Check your archery abilities and show that you’ve got what it takes to wield a bow and arrow! You should enter different archery tournaments worldwide and for every match you win, you may progress to the subsequent one. […]

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10 Best Ninja Games That Will Test Your Agility

Ninjas are an enormous half of popular culture, with a myriad of films, animations, and video games that place them in the middle of the motion. Numerous ninja-centric gaming titles have been launched and whereas a few of them managed to develop into influential and iconic, others didn’t have sufficient kick. In our High 10 […]

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Why You Should Take First Aid Kits in Your Hunting Pack

   According to Statista, “About 47% hunters experience minor injuries when they are on hunting.” An injury, either major or minor must need protection. First aid kits work proficiently in this regard to prevent minor injuries. An old says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” However, the hunters should follow the advice of medical instructions on […]

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