The 4 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2018

Who here enjoys going hunting? Have you ever tried using a crossbow whilst out hunting? If you do enjoy hunting, and use a crossbow whilst doing so, then continue reading about the 4 best crossbow reviews in 2016. It will go into detail about pros and cons of the 4 best crossbows and will help you decide which one is the perfect crossbow for you.

I. How to choose the best crossbow

  1. I am asked this question quite a bit: how to choose the best crossbow? This is a very important question to ask. I always tell people to think of two things: cost and how often you are going to use the product. Cost is always the big thing to think about. You do not want to be spending a lot of money on something you will not be using all that often. If this is a hobby you are really into, and will use it quite often, then I suggest that you spend more money on it than if it was a casual hobby.
  2. Model and style is also something else you need to consider. If you know what make and model works well for you, then invest in that. If you do not know which one works best for you, then do your research. If you are looking for a crossbow that has a scope, then look up crossbows with scope and price it around that.
  3. My final piece of advice when choosing a crossbow is the material it is made of. Most are made of aluminum or carbon. Many recommend using carbon for practice or range shooting, while aluminum is great for hunting. It mostly depends on the weight you are looking for when looking for a crossbow – light, medium weight or sturdier.

II. What are the advantages/benefits of this product?

  • There are many benefits of using a crossbow. Many people use them for hunting instead of a gun. A crossbow is basically a horizontal bow and arrow. Hunters use them instead of using a gun as firearms. Since they have been around for centuries, it is one of those ‘if it’s not broke why fix it’ type of weapons. The crossbow is able to wound animals, shoot birds and even for fishing. It is an all-purpose weapon.
  • The advantages of using a crossbow over a gun is, I personally believe, is the clean-up. I would much rather pull an arrow out of an animal rather than clean out the wound and have to find a bullet. Plus, in my opinion, it is just more humane than using a rifle or musket. Also, crossbows are often cheaper than a rifle which is the biggest bonus.

III. What’s the best way to use this product?

The best way to use this product is out in a range. It is best to get a feel for the firearm prior to using it outside of a range. Since it is a weapon you need to be extra careful, especially when pointing it.

I recommend learning to use a crossbow at a firing range. You have targets to hit and you can learn how to properly work the crossbow prior to going out hunting with it. I would also suggest you use your crossbow with someone who is more experienced since it is a dangerous weapon, especially for someone who has never shot before.

IV. Any controversy?

It is still a weapon so not many people are fond of that. You do not need a hunting license to use a crossbow, but you are required to only use your crossbow during archery season. It is also advised to wear proper clothing such as hunter orange while using your crossbow so people can see you. A crossbow is a firearm and can only be used during firearm season. It is important to keep that in mind when looking to purchase a crossbow.

V. Prerequisites to using the product

There are no prerequisites to using a crossbow. The only prerequisite is that you are safe when using the weapon. Make sure it is secure and safe when you are using it. There are many dials and accessories that come with the crossbow, so you should exam it prior to picking it up so you know what everything does. It is not recommended to fiddle around with it prior to this.

VI. The 4 best crossbows of 2017

1. SA Sports Fever


This crossbow’s string length is 26.5 inches long and weighs close to 5 pounds. Its length is 31 inches, its width is 27 inches and its limb is made of compression fiberglass. Included in the package are 175 pound recurve crossbow, a scope that measures 4×32, a quiver that holds 4 arrows, a padded shoulder sling and an adjustable scope mount. One of my favourite parts of this crossbow is that it is all camouflage.

The crossbow has an auto safety, a stirrup designed for a large boot, and even includes the assembly tools. The arrows are able to reach a speed of up to 240 FPS and this is due to the fact that the crossbow is made of a lightweight and compact material, which is mostly aluminum from what I can read.

Many reviews speak very highly of it. It shoots accurately and is easy for everyone to use. Many recommend it for hunting deer and not just range shooting. This is a pretty good buy for a crossbow.

This crossbow has a velocity of 315 FPS and also includes 3 arrows when purchasing. It has a 3.5 pound trigger pull that is quite smooth. When purchased, it comes with the complete crossbow package that includes: quick detach quiver, premium red dot sight and bolts. This is an incredibly smooth and has a military style look to it. It also has synthetic string and a cable system.

What I like most about this crossbow, is that it gives detailed instructions on how to take good care of it for optimum results. You need to make sure it is kept in a climate controlled space and that you wax the string every ten shots. This will keep it brand new and in peak condition. Also, you need to make sure that you load the crossbow with the odd coloured arrow fletching down.

3. CenterPoint Sniper 370


This crossbow has a 370 foot firing velocity, and a 185 pound draw weight. It is adjustable and has a tactical stock and forearm. It is lightweight and made of aluminum and even has a shoot through riser. The string is integrated and suppressed therefore creating a quiet and vibration free shot.

This is a great crossbow for hunting, especially game hunting. It is quite affordable compared to other crossbows on the market that are able to do the same thing. It even has an anti-dry fire mechanism which is rare and much appreciated by its users. The crossbow also has a 4×32 scope which seems to be about average sized. If you are looking for a good, solid crossbow but not able to spend the extra dollars on one, then this is the crossbow to go with. It is especially good if you want to learn how to hunt with a crossbow, because as previously mentioned this one is great for hunting.

4. Barnett 78134 Recruit Tactical Compound Crossbow Package W/2 Bolts

Great quiet shooting, a smooth trigger action and supplied with everything you need to start shooting out of the box. The Barnett Recruit is a lightweight, maneuverable crossbow at an affordable price. This is a compact crossbow so be aware that if you have a large frame you may need a custom stock extension to work with it. If not, look after it, maintain it well, and you can't go far wrong with one of these.

VII. Conclusion

It is very difficult to pick just one of the top 4 best crossbow reviews in 2016. Since they are made of different materials I suppose I will pick one aluminum and one carbon. For carbon I have to say that the Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 is the best. It is easy to use, yet powerful enough where you can get a great shot in. My favourite aluminum will have to be CenterPoint Sniper 370 Camo Crossbow Packagetext. I like how it has a very controlled shot and does not shake when doing so. Hope you found what you are looking for!

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