Best Hunting and Survival Knives – Reviews 2017

If you’re someone looking for a sturdy and versatile knife that you can use on a variety of occasions including rescuing yourself from a life and death situation, let’s get some facts straight right at the outset. For a start, there is no such thing as a survival knife. You’d be blessing your stars if you had any kind of knife to save yourself from carnivores while trying to find your way inside a dense forest.

In case you’re an outdoor person, regularly leaving for camping and trekking trips in the rugged outbacks or forested regions, you’d better off packing a sharp knife with a strong handle. Expectedly, you’d be using the knife to slice off twigs or branches of trees, cut open food cans, and carve vegetables or meat for cooking and not for filleting savages or terrorists or anacondas like John Rambo.

Simply put, you may have your opinion as to what constitutes a resourceful knife but at the end of the day, you’d want to use the tool for cutting rope, slicing firewood, and making shelters as well as double up as a weapon.

Types of Hunting/Survival Knives

Strictly speaking, nothing can outwit presence of mind when you’re confronted with a scary situation but having an incisive survival knife helps you to keep your sanity intact. And what exactly are the hallmarks of a good survival knife? It should have an extremely honed blade serrated or plain, sharp enough to skin a felled game, cut through the hide of a cadaver, slicing through dense thickets, soda cans, and for harpooning fish. If required this survival knife can be made to work as a tomahawk missile flying through the air and impaling your attacker. The handle of such a knife should be made of material that lets you have a comfortable yet firm grip and resistant to wear and tear.

Pocket Knives

As the terminology implies, a pocket knife can be comfortably packed in your rucksack or slid into your trousers’ pockets. This type of knife functions as a regular blade or stiletto but may not be able to function as a survival knife.

You should be able to use a hunting knife for fleecing the game and carving it so that the same can be cooked. So such a knife comes with a highly sharpened edge extending from the tip to the top of the handle.

Understandably, a multifunctional knife would enable to perform multiple functions as mentioned above. If it comes equipped with a flashlight, it means you’d be able to use the contraption as a torch. The handle of such a knife has a slot for storing the LED flashlight.

Importance of Carrying the Right Hunting Knife

You certainly wouldn’t want to carry a hunting or survival knife which is so large that it gets unwieldy. Conversely, if it’s too small, you’ll struggle to use it for accomplishing bigger tasks. A knife with a blade and handle lengths of 7 and 4 inches respectively would seem to be ideal.
A knife with a plain blade can be more conveniently used compared to one with a serrated or saw tooth edge. You can make optimum use of the knife’s blade if it comes endowed with a solid grip which means the handle should be of dense wood, synthetic rubberized polymer, reinforced nylon or fiberglass tempered with resin. Also it should’ve a blunted end with a hole -features that’ll come in handy for hammering and threading a rope for hanging the same beside your waist.

Popular Amazon Products: Comparison & Features


The Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade is the perfect all-purpose tool that you’ll find convenient to manage given its robust grip. This Swedish blade is extremely resistant to corrosion and can be used for carving fresh tinder and cutting wood, filleting, skinning, and chopping tiny limbs of trees. This knife with a blade length of 4.1 inches costs low making it the cheapest of all the products reviewed in this evaluation.


The KA-Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife is a very handy knife that comes to your aid when you to chop onions, skin game meat, cut ropes, and fulfill several other outdoor activities. It weighs a mere 1 pound and the full-tang construction means the blade measures five and a half inches going all the way from the tip to the start of the handle. A nylon sheathing impregnated with glass maintains the blade’s sharpness and prevents it from rusting. The product has a length of 10.5 inches making it the lengthiest of all the knives reviewed in this assessment.


Kootek K1 Multifunctional Self Defense Survival Knife with Flashlight is effective in breaking glasses during emergency, using it as a tool for self defense and much more. Compared with the KA-Becker BK2, it is much more hefty but as versatile as the product from Ka-Bar.


The Kootek K1 Multifunctional Flashlight Knife can be used by campers, hunters, trekkers, and adventurists for an extensive range of purposes including but not limited to breaking open glass windows, finding one’s way in pitch darkness, and using it as weapon for self-defense. This product is available at Amazon for a pretty good price.

Quality: Describe & Compare Product

The KA-BAR Becker Companion Knife has an incredibly sharp steel blade that comes in handy in different situations and the Grivory grip makes for a firm grip.

Concluding Remarks

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