What is the best vacuum sealer for hunting enthusiasts

For some, hunting is more than just a hobby. Some hunt for the thrill of the sport, while some hunt for provision. Whatever reason, at the end of the hunt, you get fresh meat. It can be a deer, rabbit or a boar. Or this can be a delicious meal of venison with mashed potatoes and green beans, braised rabbit with mushroom sauce, or boar bacon. In short, you can make great dishes from the meat of the hunt if the meat is cleaned and preserved right.

Delicious meal from hunting

However, sometimes, the meat is not preserved right. When you kill a deer, you get approximately 20 lbs of venison meat. That’s a lot of venison meals for you to eat in a week. The best thing to do is to clean it and preserve it right by using a vacuum sealer. When the meat is preserved, you can store it for years or you can sell it. And because there is a lot of it, you can go a long time selling it as long as it is preserved right.

Why hunters need a vacuum sealer?

There is 20 lbs of meat you have to either eat or sell within 10 days. But if you are able to vacuum seal it and freeze, it can store up to 2 years.Clean and cut the meat, then put inside plastic bags for vacuum sealing. This process removes the air from the bag, and you would see the bag shrink into a tight seal around the food. The absence of air prevents the food from spoiling.

Top benefits of vacuum sealing meat from hunt 

  • The meat is as fresh as the day you vacuum sealed it;
  • There will be no change in the appearance, texture and color of your meat despite long storage;
  • No freezer burn which can discolor meat;
  • If you put flavors or spices on it, like curing bacon, vacuum seal makes it more flavorful;
  • The smell will not ‘infect’ the freezer and the other foods inside;
  • You can already portion your meat to smaller servings so you don’t have to thaw a whole chunk and return what is not used after cooking;
  • If you are selling your meat, a vacuum sealed pack can fetch premium price because it already facilitates the safe storage of the meat for your buyer.

What is the most suitable vacuum sealer for hunters?

Not all vacuum sealers are made the same. In fact, there are models that are specifically for hunters, taking into consideration the size of the catch, portability of the equipment and durability. Here are our top picks:

GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer

  • This is the most affordable model at under $100, and the package already includes 2 rolls and 10 pre-cut bags. These free packaging alone is valued at over $50 so it is a great bargain to buy the machine with these freebies. The roll conveniently fits into the built-in roll holder and the built-in cutter makes it so easy to customize bags;
  • Meats usually vary in sizes, like rabbit meat would understandably be smaller than that of a deer, so using rolls is a better and cheaper alternative because you can customize the size of the bags;
  • When you buy this vacuum sealer, it also comes with an accessory port and hose so you can vacuum seal containers and jars;
  • The vacuum sealer has two settings for speed, and two settings for seal – dry or moist. It is portable, weighing only almost 9 lbs;
  • Its exterior design is camouflage, and won’t stand out in a hunting trip;
  • This is manually operated but is user-friendly with its one-touch buttons. No need to keep on pressing down the button to operate it.

FoodSaver GameSaver Wingman Vacuum Sealing System

  • It is second most affordable, but the price is not a package that includes bags and rolls, so there is no value for your money;
  • The key feature of this model is its ability to do 60 consecutive seals without overheating. If converted to quantity of meat, it’s approximately 180 lbs of meat you can seal non-stop at one given time;
  • This is manually-operated, and you put the edge of the bag into an easy-lock latch to hold it in place during vacuum sealing;
  • It is compact and made from durable material. It is portable enough at almost 13 lbs. There is, however, no built-in roll holder and cutter, and for an outdoorsman, convenience can be a big factor. You don’t want to end up having lagged the vacuum sealer but forgetting the rolls and bags for the meat;
  • It is the easiest to operate with only two buttons to press – vacuum and seal. Both operations will stop once done. Just open the latch and remove the bag.

Gamesaver FSGSSL0800-000 Titanium Game Saver

  • The unit comes with 2 rolls and some bags, which translate to savings of more than $30. This unit is a bigger investment than the others at over $300. However, the top price buys you top quality, and the accessories for use on jars and canisters;
  • This unit can do 100 consecutive seals, equivalent to 300lbs of meat, which is a plus because once you have washed the kill and cut the meat, you would want to seal and store it in one sitting;
  • It has a wide seal, up to 15 inches, which is bigger than usual. This is a great feature for big kills, like deer or boar. It also has a built-in roll holder and cutter;
  • This model is meant to be durable with a dual pump. It weighs over 20 lbs, but has a carrying handle for easy handling;
  • There are strips of safety orange in certain places meant to warn users of hot spots. It is easy to use, with options on the seal – whether single or double. These seals are also wide and air-tight.


Serious hunter understands the serious business of preserving the meat right. All the effort and trouble would be of naught if the kill spoils due to wrong or poor packaging and safekeeping. Instead of years worth of meat, you get nothing.And because we understand the serious business of choosing the right brand and model of vacuum sealer, we strongly recommend the Gamesaver FSGSSL0800-000 Titanium Game Saver. The deciding factor is its ability to do 100 consecutive seals without fear of overheating. Another factor is its capacity to seal up to 15 inches wide. And lastly, the clincher is the wide double seal, which makes the seal airtight, safe from spoilage and freezer burn.For more choices, refer to Top foodsaver models comparison and reviews

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