Top 10 Best Workouts for Hunters to Increase Strength and Endurance

Do you know that hunting can offer significant physical benefits that most other sports offer? But, how do you prepare for the big hunt of your life? How do hunters boost their strength and endurance to get ready for the hunting season?

Well, a lot of people are now getting ready for the hunting season that usually occurs during the winter months. It is an excellent time to hunt for a sheep, deer, venison or birds in particular for the holiday feasts. However, this is not just about having tasty meals. For bowhunters and archers, this is a great chance to showcase how robust and reliant you are. With that, we are going to reveal the top 10 workout routines every bowhunter and archer must know. These exercises will surely get them going and will pump up their strength and endurance for the cold season.

Workouts That Allow Hunters to Develop Strength and Endurance

Let us get to the discussion wherein real workouts in the woods get hunters fit. It is vital to have knowledge about these things because many bowhunters lose the game when it comes to getting a target. When an archer develops strength and endurance, he will also progress with the precision of his movements when hunting. Thus, we have developed some workouts that will ensure that you will shoot like a pro hunter. That way, you won’t also get over-fatigued in your way to bringing home a catch during the hunting season.

With that, here are the top 10 exercises hunters should perform to prepare for the hunting season:

Exercise #1: Bear Crawls

To perform a bear crawl, you need to get down on entire fours. You need to get your buttocks as low as possible so your knees could almost touch the ground. Then, you have to crawl as fast as possible. However, you still need to maintain your proper form. Next, you need to crawl uphill and downhill. Also, after completing the two, you may also try to move slowly backward uphill and downhill. Then, creep from side to side. If you can, you may execute this up to 10 to 20 times. A 25-yard crawling in every direction will surely boost your endurance and muscle strength.

Exercise #2: Boulder Carries

Holding strange and cumbersome objects will help you train your grip strength, forearms, hands, back, core, and shoulders. Awkwardly shaped objects will get you pumped up that any other symmetrical objects like dumbbells and barbells. Thus, you need to get a heavy rock. Then, you have to carry it uphill and downhill. Plus, you may hold it across a field. You may also choose to put it in a heavy-duty backpack and deal with how heavy it is. When it comes to carrying a heavy object in your pack, you need to thank it because it will truly build up your strength and stamina.

Exercise #3: Long Clean and Jerk

When you go hunting, you also need to prepare for camp and move objects like logs and fallen trees out of the way. When you see an old log down the river close to your house, your favorite exercise should be running to the river. Then, you need to perform the 5×5 exercise with a log. You need to execute five sets of 5 reps getting the old wood up on the ground to your shoulders. It is where the “clean” comes in. Also, you need to split your legs apart strenuously into a lunge-like stance. You need to pick up the log overhead. It is where the “jerk” applies.

Exercise #4: Tire Drags

For the three following tasks, you need to prepare an old tire. Try to obtain at least a 200 to 250-pound tire. For the tire drag workout, you need to put both of your hands anywhere you can grasp the tire. Get your buttocks as low as you can. Then, pull the tire backward to several feet each time. It will help get your back and your hamstrings stronger than before.

Exercise #5: Tire Flips

Doing tire flips is ideal to develop your calf, core, buttocks, and hamstring. It will allow you to gain an explosive strength, which you will need during hunting. You need to lower your butt. Then, you should grab the tire using an underhand grip. Stand correctly and get your hands on the tire. Then, explosively flip it back.

Exercise #6: Tire Pulls

Tire Pulls

What you need to do is to attach a rope to the old tire. Next, slowly drag the tire in different directions. You also need to pull the rope over your shoulders or seat on the ground while you row both of your hands. Also, you may try pulling the cable while you attach it to your waist.

Exercise #7: Weighted Step-Ups

During hunting, you have to step on and off logs, stumps, and rocks uphill and downhill with a weight on your arms or back. Hence, you have to carry a barbell or a weighted backpack. Then, you have to search for a platform near your knee height that you can quickly step onto. Next, you need to get down slowly from it as you alternate both of your legs.

Exercise #8: Elastic Tube Front and Side Raises

While hunting, you will realize that your shoulders will quickly get exhausted. Hence, obtaining an elastic tube with handles is an excellent way to boost your muscular strength and endurance. What you need to do is to stand on top of the tube and hold the handles. You may do as many repetitions as you can from side to side.

Exercise #9: Trail Run with Burpees

Trail Run with Burpees

You do not need to take the best multivitamin for bodybuilding to boost your muscle strength and endurance. You see, trail running is a perfect way to work on all of your muscles. Plus, it will also work on your reaction time from your ears, eyes, core, legs, arms, and shoulders. You may consider a fartlek style trail exercise that you can incorporate with jogging, tempo running, or any other sprints. It will ultimately test your endurance. Then, you have to stop for 15 minutes and execute 15 burpees.

Exercise #10: Rucking

You need to put on a heavy object on your back, including wearing a weighted vest. You may start your movements by walking around your neighborhood. You may also opt to climb the stairs or go hiking. Plus, you may move using your treadmill or best recumbent bike. You need to go on with these movements at least once every couple of weeks.


Good balance, precision in every action and muscle control are just some of the qualities a good hunter must possess. You see, it is most likely that we live in a world full of distractions that keep us from training for the hunting season. Some hunters only train a few days before the hunt, especially when it is tempting just to stay indoors and live a sedentary lifestyle. However, let us remind ourselves that hunting is a fantastic way to get pumped up. It is also an opportunity to develop our basic instincts when it comes to developing the qualities of a hunter. That way, we won’t panic when it comes to dealing with the hunting animals.

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