Are you having trouble shooting your arrows in a straight line? Are you at the point of quitting the sport because of your poor shooting ability? Are you ready to learn a few things that will help you increase your crossbow accuracy up to ten-fold? If you are serious about crossbow shooting, then you need to try these 3 simple cocking tips:

1. Adjust The Length Of The Cocking Rope

Cocking ropes all seem as though they were designed for people with super long arms. The length of the cocking rope should always be adjusted so that it matches your personal cocking stroke. Trying to use a crossbow with the factory-cocking device may result in some serious shoulder injuries. It will also cause you to cock your bow crooked – every single time.

2. Mark The String

Even the best crossbow enthusiasts can have trouble with the crossbow string being cocked off-center. This is due to the uneven lengths of ropes on both sides of the arrow track, making the latched string off-kilter within the trigger mechanism. This means your arrow will not fly properly or uniformly.

To make sure you cock your crossbow straight you need to mark both sides of the serving when your bow is not in use. After you cock the bow, be sure the string is an equal distance from the arrow tracks on both sides. If this is off even a tiny bit, uncock the bow and re-cock it until you are sure the string is even on both sides.

3. Mark The Cocking Rope

Find the center of the cocking rope and mark it. Line up this mark with your own rope cocker anchor point or the center seam in the stock. This will let you know that you are starting with the rope in the center; this also helps to minimize the chances of crooked cocking.

As with any sport, practice makes perfect. Learning to properly prepare and shoot your crossbow will take time. Master these simple tricks and you will be hitting your target time after time.

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