Bow Hunting Checklist and Preparation Tips for Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is a very noble sport enjoyed by many people around the globe. In that spirit, we have provided this short walk-through for people who are new, and wish to learn more about the bow and deer hunting. Even it may appear easy, it’s a lot more work than simply aiming your bow and letting an arrow loose.
You need to be prepared, correctly equipped, and trained, at the very least. Missing your target is common if you are new, but it is always frustrating. Searching for your prey may take a minute, or an awful lot of time, depending on your tracking skills. Last, but not least, if you are poorly equipped, you may find yourself wet or hungry, and you will want to avoid that.

Starting from the basics, gather information about the bows used in hunting

Hunting can be done with various tools. Crossbows, knives, and guns are used by hunters, while people sometimes avoid bows, mainly because they require some practice before they can be used. They also require the most effort.
There are a lot of bows, and some are better than others for hunting. Some bows are naked, meaning that they are only made out of wood and a string. If you are new and inexperienced, you are recommended to use compound bows, as they require less strength and are provided with a scope.
Bow Hunting Silhouette
Different manufacturers make the bows in different ways, but every bow comes with the instructions on how best to use them. Basically, you should aim at your target and fire the arrow. The velocity and speed of the arrow depend on the quality of the bow.

If you consider hunting with a different weapon, here’s a word of advice

various hunting equipment on a wooden board

In the event that you have no skills with the bow, you should consider hunting with a different weapon. The bow is considered to be the hunting tool that requires the most time to master, and even the veterans can miss. This is the reason why hunting stores are filled with various tools.
The knife is the weapon that requires absolutely no practice. Simply swinging it or placing it beneath the neck of your prey is all that you need to do. However, getting close is difficult in this situation, as it is clear that your prey won’t stand still when you approach.
A pistol is not preferred by most hunters, but it is a valid option. It has a shorter range than other types of firearms or bows and crossbows, but it requires the least amount of strength to use. The hunting pistol is very different from a regular pistol. This difference can best be seen in the ammunition and firepower.
The crossbow is, practically, a drawn bow that shoots at whatever you are aiming at. Most crossbows are equipped with a scope, and the bolts fly faster and pierce harder than the arrows. They are, however, more expensive when compared to bows.

Whatever weapon you have chosen, you need to work out before you go hunting

You will carry a lot of equipment on your hunting trips, and if you get fatigued your aiming will suffer. Simply searching for your prey is tiring, let alone tracking it down. Most hunters carry a spare knife, some food, tracking tools, and ammunition. These items are heavy, and long trips will surely tire you if you are not well conditioned.
The basic tips for the workout are bear crawls, boulder carries, long jerks, tire flips and drags, weighted step-ups, and trail runs. These exercises will improve your strength and stamina, and will make your hunting trips easier and more bearable.

The moment you decide you are fit enough to go on your hunting trip, consider purchasing the proper tools

Your regular clothes will not do, and there are specifically designed boots for hunting. Most hunters prefer to go on their trips in camouflage vests, as they reduce their visibility. If you want to maximize your efficiency, you can even put specialized scented aromas that will not scare your prey away when you draw close.
hunting boots
It is obvious enough that you will hunt in the wilderness, so you can expect rough terrain, high grass, and mud. Specialized boots for hunting are perfect for this job, as they are water resistant and deep enough for you to cross over any puddles of water or mud.
The Hunter Drinking Tea On The Halt
You should also consider purchasing a hunting backpack, as it is perfect and spacious for storing all your hunting and tracking equipment. These backpacks are also specially printed in colors that will provide you with decreased visibility in the wilderness.

Keep in mind that if your prey is in range, so are you

The moment you lay eyes on the deer you are hunting, you are visible to it. Animal eyes may be even sharper than those of a human, so you need to crawl and quietly stalk your prey from the distance until you are close enough to kill.
You should also keep in mind that animals have heightened reflexes and impeccable hearing capabilities, so stealth is mandatory. Foliage and grass produce sound when you walk on them, so you need to be slow and steady.

Several useful deer hunting tips

Hunting trophies lie on the grass next to the weapon
These are humble animals that are very frightful. They are easily startled, so it is best recommended to keep your distance. If you wish to go deer hunting, there are several tips that may improve your chances of scoring a kill:

  • Scout the area early, before the season begins – most modern hunter use trail cameras to have accurate pictures of the animals and their behavior;
  • Be prepared with the right equipment – make sure you have well practiced all your equipment before bringing them to the field. Some of the must-have accessories are: arrow rest, bow release, bow sight, blind.
  • Consider going to the range beforehand – this will help you increase your accuracy and give you better perception of the range;
  • Buy a compound bow – the arrows shot from these bows fly faster, reducing the time the deer has to react;
  • Stalk the deer until you see an opening – deer often move about often, and the moment when they stop to eat is the perfect time to strike;
  • If the deer you are hunting is in a group, wait until it disperses – the group might notice you easier;
  • Do not be discouraged if you miss – it is only natural, even for more experienced hunters;


By delivering these preparation and hunting tips, we hope that they will help increase your success rate dramatically. Most importantly, practicing and studying hard are always the keys that keep you at the top of your game. Thus, be well prepared and happy hunting!
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