I love a good life hack, and if you’re going to camp with your dogs, you’re going to need them. Camping with dogs is great fun, but there are some essential tips for camping with dogs that you can’t ignore if you want to get the most out of your trip.

You also want to be sure everyone is safe and well cared for through the trip to the outdoors. Let’s face it, there are a lot of things that dogs can get into out there.

I’ve done some reading up on the topic and have some of my own ideas to share in this essential tips for camping with dogs list.

1. Confirm Your Camping Location Is Pet Friendly

Confirm Your Camping Location Is Pet Friendly
I am sure this seems like a very obvious thing to be included in a list of essential tips for camping with dogs. You would be surprised how many people assume all campsites are dog friendly, however. Just because you will be outside doesn’t guarantee you are allowed to bring your pet.

Check the location’s website or call them to ask. Don’t rely on advice from your friends. You never know if the policy has changed since they last visited.

Also, find out about policies such as what to do with your dog’s waste and when and if they are allowed off lead. There is more to consider than just if dogs are allowed at the campsite.

Obviously, if you are camping in a remote location that isn’t managed by an entity, your dog is welcome. That brings me to my next point, however.

2. Discourage Chasing/Dog Obedience

Young Family With Dog Relaxing Inside Tent On Camping Holiday

How’s your dog with wildlife? Has your dog ever seen a deer? What about a smaller animal like a skunk or a racoon?

The thing is, you may not know how your dog will react to a visit from a woodland friend. Give this a little thought, however, and find some ways to discourage your dog from chasing after something. You could lose your dog or they could find themselves in danger.

Here are a few potential fixes for this problem:

  • Use a training collar on your dog when you camp.
  • Keep your dog on a lead at all times while you are camping.
  • Teach recall to your dog and work on it until he comes back to you without exception.
  • Bring a larger than necessary tent with you. You can shut your dog securely inside at dawn, dusk, and any other time of high woodland traffic or when you can’t watch him closely.

General obedience training will go a long way in preventing your dog from running away after an enticing animal, as well. This is one of the most important safety focused essential tips for camping with dogs I have for you today.

3. Protect Your Dog From Parasites

Happy Dog Sticking Head Out Car Window
It’s terrifying to think about the things your dog might pick up in the woods. Fleas, mosquitos, and ticks are just the beginning. Therefore, before you go camping, go see your vet.

Talk to your vet about vaccinations against lyme disease and other risk factors your dog may be up against. Make sure you are up to date on your rabies vaccine and heartworm meds, too.

Topical applications like Frontline and Advantage work on fleas but not ticks, so keep this in mind as well.

4. Flotation Devices And Dog Safety

Beautiful young couple lying in tent, camping in autumn nature
If you are going to be having fun in the water, you’ll need a flotation device for your dog. It is also important to make sure your dog can swim well and is obedient enough to stay in the boat. Sometimes, for strong swimmers, the temptation to go for a free swim is very intense.

You also want to prepare for non-water based emergencies. Consider packing a doggie first aid kit along with your own. You can bring the following items to help the following, corresponding conditions and situations.

First Aid Item Treatment Situation
Rimadyl and Tramodol, obtained from your vet prior to your trip. These medications are pain treatments.
Your pet’s medical history, in summary form. You can use the notes app in your smartphone to write in their last round of shots and your vet’s number. If something serious happens, you may need to give this information over the phone.
Vet wrap or self clinging bandages. This has endless uses and is the duct tape of pet owners. Wrap up a cut paw or a bug bite your dog is licking excessively. It can work like an ace bandage if needed, also.
Antiseptic wipes You can clean your pet’s affected area to help prevent infection.
Gauze Gauze is helpful if your dog is wounded. It will help keep things clean.
Tweezers These are handy for removing objects from paws and insect removal. Be careful with ticks, however!

5. Carry In, Carry Out- Even For Poop

You’re going to need a poop disposal plan. If you are camping at a site, there will be rules about how you dispose of your dog’s leavings. If you are on the trail or camping in the woods, however, you shouldn’t just let it lie.
Girl with dog ready for the travel for summer

Other animals may poop in the words (bears, anyone?), but your dog isn’t from that ecosystem. The same way your dog could get sick or disrupted from eating another animal’s droppings, the animals and organisms of the forest shouldn’t have to deal with poop.

Plus, think of other hikers.

6. Essential Tips For Camping With Dogs

This video also has some great essential tips for camping with dogs.

It includes a few essential tips I didn’t cover here, such as making sure your dog knows where its water is and checking the camping area for anything that could hurt your dog before letting them run free.

Thanks for stopping by yet again to spend time with me learning about essential tips for camping with dogs! It’s really made me want to get out there with my own crew!

Let me know your most memorable experience camping with your dog in the comments section. I love to hear from you!

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