Choosing the Best Compound Bow for You

The first question to ask yourself when buying any new piece of kit,especially something as personal as a bow is what am I most comfortable with.Any item which requires hand and eye co-ordination has to “feel” right.The only person who can judge this is the user.What feels good for you might feel totally wrong to another hunter with the same build.
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The best compound bow for you is the one that you are comfortable with,if it feels right it probably is.However the only way to find out which is best s to literally try them all.Well at least try as many models as the store has.To achieve the perfect purchase of your new compound bow is to try them.Make sure that you don’t enter the store with a preconceived idea of make,model,size before you actually try them.There are however six facts you should determine before making your final selection

  1. Bow Speed
  2. Long or Short Bow
  3. Brace Height
  4. Is Light Better than Heavy
  5. Draw length
  6. Comfort of Combinations

Bow Speed and what is it.

The first point to take on board is that whilst you are advised to try as many different type of rigs as possible with as many different combinations of the highlighted factors you also have to be aware of the different circumstances from a trial run on a sunny afternoon compared to shooting in the field in snow after standing still in the cold for several hours.When speed was considered the main criteria the various aggressive cam systems available were obviously directed at a speedy rate of fire.Now many years down the trail perhaps,and it is only perhaps as it is what you feel comfortable with,speed is not the most important.It may well be that the draw cycle of the model you practice firing feels somewhat hard and extremely difficult.If it feels like that in practice think of winter hunting conditions.Speed whilst necessary is not the ultimate,how you manage that speed is what makes it lethal to your target.
Cahleigh with Her Bow

Long or Short Bow

Today recent trends are towards a short ATA dimensions [Axle to Axle]this is the distance between the actual part of the bow which holds the string and is considered best for hunting in the range 30″ to 34″.The perception is that the more static and hidden you are the shorter ATA length to prevent getting tangled with the tree or scrub growth around you.The 34″ end of the spectrum is approaching the cross over point of dual use for hunting and target shooting whilst any thing over 34″ is considered a target bow only.Obviously the ATA is smaller than the overall size of the Compound bow but is a direct relationship with it.But again I stress this the the perception of others.Only you can experiment and therefore decide which axle length is best for you and your hunting.

Brace Height

The brace height is relevant to the depth as opposed to the ATA which we have seen is relevant to the height.Explained simply this is the distance from the string of the bow to the handle grip with the string under no tension at all.The perceived thinking is that the lack of time with the longer brace height meant that the shooter had less time to interfere with the sighting so it was more accurate.With a shorter brace height the bowman has more time with the arrow engaged on the string and this gives a greater amount of time for the hand torque screw the shot of target.Again this is the perceived view and it may not apply to you but what will or should apply is that the shorter the bow brace height the more accuracy needed by the hunter.Again we can only emphases that you will only find out by trial and error.
Compound Bow

Is Light Better than Heavy

Within the evolving market place in sports compound bows have not only shrunk in height they have also,with the evolution of new technology and materials,become lighter.This may or may not be a factor as if you are only going to travel a short distance to where your prey is located weight may not be important but if you are planning on hiking on a camping trip of a few days and you have to carry everything for survival,tent,kitchen,clothes and bed then the weight of every component part may be of such importance that lightness becomes the main factor.Yet again the choice is yours,extra light,light or heavy,try them all and see which suits you.

Draw length.

Yet again only you can decide after trial and error which is right for you.Too long you are restricting the number of areas you can stand in as you need more space.Too short and you run the risk of losing accuracy.Whilst draw length is important the correct draw weight is also important as if you have to struggle to draw the bow this will create movement which could alert your prey.Again the draw length can only be found by trial and error so don’t be afraid to try all different lengths.
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Comfort of Combinations

Well by now you should be aware of all the various combinations that you will have to work out to find the correct bow to suit you and you should have tried if not all then most of the combinations available to you and you should almost instinctively pick up a model and automatically reject it or think this is a possibility.It happens,no body knows why although I am sure there is a psychological reason but you will “know”
I never fail to be amazed just how personalized hunters equipment becomes,whether it is fishing flies,skinning knives,rifle sights or shooting bows.The best bow is the one which becomes an extension of your skill and ability and by reading and following the above you should be able to find the best compound bow for you.h3

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