Compound Bow Reviews – Best Of 2016

Have you ever watched Robin Hood or Hunger Games and wanted to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow? Well you can learn by purchasing an archery set. I have long been interested in learning more about archery and now I am able to by researching the archery sets for this article. Let the fun begin.

I. How to choose this product

Every archery set is different. They are customized to what you are looking for. The size and weight is different in all of the archery sets and that is mainly what you need to be looking at, especially if it is for your children or someone not as strong and tall.

Take a look at the weight. If it is for a child, the bow and arrow cannot be that heavy. For a ‘junior’ size, they should weigh about 18 pounds as not to weigh down the user and so they can hold up the bow properly. You need to have a strong upper body and a well weighted bow will help do that. The adult bows weigh closer to 50 pounds (if not more) for shooting so kids need to build up their strength when young.

The other thing you need to worry about is the height of the bow. If you are tall you are able to control a longer bow. A full size adult can handle a bow that is approximately 26 inches in draw length and can hold more than one arrow. A junior sized bow and arrow are about 18 inches in draw length and usually start off with one or perhaps two slots for arrows.

II. What are the advantages and benefits of this type of product?

I was listening to the radio one day and it encouraged kids to take up unique sports since they are more likely to exceed in them. Think about how many kids in your area do archery? I cannot think of any in my area. This can lead to scholarships and even a place in tournaments leading up to something even bigger. Many kids swim, play baseball, and play basketball and soccer. Not many kids do juggling or archery. Those are the sports and activities to be involved with.

There are other advantages of archery. It helps with hand eye coordination. Since I swam I have excellent reaction time. People who do archery have great hand eye coordination which helps them with other sports and activities. You can throw a baseball more accurately and you are able to have steadier hands which are useful if you want to be a doctor or surgeon. I would trade in my reaction time for good hand eye coordination any day.

III. Things to look for and attributes that differentiate these products

I would look for an entire set if you are first starting out. This will include a bow, arrows and all of the other accessories you need. Once you have all of the products then you need to sign up for lessons so you can improve your craft.

Other things you need to look out for are the things that make the items stand out. Look for certain colours that attract you or pay attention to how many arrows are included and what the accessories are. You are putting a lot of money into this sport so you want to make sure that it is done right the first time.

IV. Review of the 4 products

1. Barnett Outdoor Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Archery Set

This is a great archery set for a beginner. It does not matter if you are left or right handed since this bow is ambidextrous. It has a draw weight of 18 pounds and has a draw length of 18 to 22 inches. Since this bow was made for children, you will be glad to know that it comes in a variety of colours: camouflage, black and even pink. That makes it great for both boys and girls.

Barnett Crossbows have been around for over 50 years and have sold more than a million crossbows around the world. They have created bows for both adults and children so they have plenty of experience in making the junior crossbows. They are perfect for children just beginning middle school. Try out Barnett’s outdoor lil banshee jr today.


  • You get a lot of value for your money as the whole set is available for less than $30.
  • It is particularly suitable for beginners
  • It has an 18-pound draw which means that it doesn’t have the capacity to shoot animals
  • It is easy to learn how to use it


  • It is limited to the use of newbie
  • It needs to be handled very carefully as the handle is very soft
  • You need to bend your arms for safety

2. Crosman Elkhorn Jr Compound Bow

This is another complete kit geared towards children just learning the skills of archery. It comes with the bow and arrows and other archery accessories. The crossbow has an arm guard, finger tab and a sight and arrow rest so you are not feeling the pressure all the time. The strings are great for all types of weather.

The crossbow is great. It only weighs just over 3 pounds, the axel to axel length is 33 inches and has a draw weight of 17 to 21 pounds and a maximum draw of 26 inches. The archery set comes with a bow, 2 composite arrows, a rest, a sight and arm guard, a 2 piece quiver and even a finger tab for extra protection.

If your child is around 10 years old then this is a great gift for them. It helps with upper body strength and hand and eye coordination. You will be satisfied and so will your daughter or son.


  • The product has a lot of innovative features
  • It provides you great value for your money
  • It offers superior performance when it comes to shooting
  • The package has everything that you might need


  • If you need a fatter string you would have to add a separate nock and thread
  • Left-handed kids might actually struggle as the grip is designed for right-handed use

3. SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

Now it is time to discuss adult crossbows. This SAS Rage comes in an assortment of colours including camouflage, black and camo green. You have a choice of purchasing just the crossbow, or crossbow with accessories or crossbow with pro package. There is something here for everyone.

The draw length of this crossbow is between 26 and 30 inches, with a draw weight of 55 to 70 pounds and is able to reach a maximum speed of 270 FPS. The crossbow itself is pretty lightweight only weighing about 4 ½ pounds. All of the packages come with a compound bow and a manual. I suggest you read the manual if you have not used this brand of crossbow previously.


  • The bow is sturdy and made out of aluminium for stability
  • The grip is perfectly comfortable
  • The price is also particularly affordable for the performance that you get


  • You need to change the string rather often
  • It is also rather heavy coming in 4.4 pounds weight
  • It is made only for right-handed users

The only downside I see with this bow and arrow set is that it is made for only right handed users. This is not suitable for those who are left handed or people who are ambidextrous who like to switch up their hands. I know, this is a big con for me too.

4. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

This bow was created for the more advance crossbow user. It has multi shooter capabilities and infinite draw settings. It comes in three different colours (mossy oak country, black ops and pink blaze) which makes it perfect for both men and women.

The crossbow has an extended draw length which allows it to draw even longer arches compared to the competition. This means the arrow will soar further, or so science tells us this. The pack includes the Infinite Edge Pro Bow, 3 pin tundra sight, hostage XL arrow rest, DeadLock light octane quiver, tube peep sight, BCY string loop, comfort wrist sling and even a 5 inch ultra-light octane stabilizer.

I love how this crossbow was made in the USA and also has a lifetime warranty. What more can you ask for when looking for an adult crossbow?

V. What is the best way to use this product?

Playing archery of course. It is great that you will see a comparison between the junior set or archery and the adult version. You need to think about strength and size prior to purchasing the archery set and you will see that in this review of the four products.

1. Address the controversy

There is no controversy with archery sets. The worst thing that I can think is that you need to be careful while using the bow and arrow since it can be classified as a weapon. This is not something children should be playing around with unless they are serious about the sport. If your child is not serious, then they could potentially hurt themselves or hurt someone else around them. Teach them safety first and then how to use the bow and arrow second.

2. Prerequisites to using the product

There are not many prerequisites to using this product. You have to be tall enough and strong enough, but you also need to be responsible and mature enough to use a bow and arrow. Remind yourself that this is not a toy, but something that can hurt other people. When you remind yourself of this you will use the bow and arrow properly.

VI. Conclusion

It is difficult to choose, but I have one favourite adult and one favourite children’s crossbow. My adult one is the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package. It is well made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It comes in a selection of colours perfect for men and women plus it offers a multi shooter so you can shoot up to three arrows at a time.

For the children’s crossbow I had to choose Barnett for the single reason that it is made for ambidextrous users. Whether you are right handed or left handed, you can use this crossbow without any difficulties. Plus it comes in an array of colours for both boys and girls.

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