Deer Hunting for Beginner

It seems that for the most part many deer hunting articles primarily have titles that say, “Going Beyond the Basics in Hunting.” These types of writings are designed to target people who have been avid hunters for numerous years

But what if someone is going to be out hunting for their very first time? Well, I understand that you are looking for some valuable information if you are a first-time hunter or have not been hunting all that long. I hope that these deer hunting tips for beginners will help you successfully tag your first deer during this hunting season.

Dress appropriately

If the weather is warm, then you should dress in multiple layers. It is very likely that you will be cold in the morning, hot in the day and then cold again in the evening. If you decide to go bow hunting, then make sure that all the layers of your clothing are camouflaged. If you are hunting with a gun, then you must make sure that you are wearing plenty of clothing that are orange in color.

Vests are ideal as they can be worn over both parkas and t-shirts. When the weather is cold, the norm is to wear overalls and thick coats. It is imperative to keep your head warm by wearing a neck warmer and cap.

The most important items for cold weather hunting are your boots. You cannot get away with buying cheap hunting boots. Be sure that you buy waterproof boots. When you are hunting in cold weather, your boots should have at least 800 grams of Thinsulate. If your feet get cold, you will not be able to focus on your hunting very well. But if your feet are warm, then you will be able to enjoy your hunting time. Do take along a flashlight too, it will sure come in handy.

Know how to scout

The truth of the matter is that scouting for deer is indeed very different from scouting for other types of animals. I prefer to do my scouting from a distance. View deer with your binoculars on a roadway or a tractor path. You want to be on the lookout for deer movement.

Since deer are more active during the early morning and late evenings, this is the time to be scouting for deer. It is an excellent time to scout for deer before and after work if you live close enough to the area where you plan to hunt.

If you go hunting on public land, then it is a good idea to locate some good prospective areas where you would like to hunt. An area may seem like a remote hunting place, but then you could unexpectedly find a lot of cars and people there. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a good selection of choices where you can go.

Technology enables hunters to scout deer without it being necessary to leave home. You can use Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and many other sites that offer satellite maps all free of charge. Some even provide you with local maps. These plans allow hunters to have a bird’s eye view of any property. New technology now enables hunters to check on deer with their game cameras without the need of being in the woods.

Study your weapon

If you are not comfortable with your bow or gun, then certainly you will not be in need of a knife, rope or tarp. As much as possible, practice your shooting during pre-season. This will allow you to be able to improve your skills, to realize your limitations and the limitations of your gun or bow.

It is important for you to know what distance you are shooting from. When you do so, this will help you to realize what distance you are shooting from when you are out hunting. If it is your plan to be out hunting in wide open spaces, then you will want to practice shooting from 150 yards. Then increase your distance to 200 yards. If you plan to be hunting in areas that are covered with heavy forest, then 50 yards may be the longest shot that you will need.


Having a mentor is the best way to guarantee success if you happen to be a first-time hunter. A guide can take into full consideration all the details of the hunting episode. They can help you to prevent many mistakes.

Most people who are starting out in shooting do have a mentor. I have made a lot of friends through hunting. Many of these people that have invited me to hunt along with them or I have invited them to hunt along with me. Most of these people I did not know all that well until we began hunting along with each other. Hunting seems always to draw in new friends.

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