Health and Safety Awareness Course

Staff must be provided with key safety information in order to work safely. This course delivers exactly that while helping you to achieve compliance with MLITSD regulations.

Ensure that all managers, supervisors and workers understand the structure, plans, and procedures of your safety program. This online Health & Safety Awareness training course will help you to do just that.
Identifying Hazards

This online course helps to ensure that all staff have a good understanding of health and safety procedures. It includes a certificate on completion.

Training is essential for all workers so that they can identify hazards and understand the controls to prevent accidents from happening. Educating workers about the structure and plans of the program allows them to contribute to its development, implementation, and improvement.

Train workers on how to identify workplace hazards, using techniques such as job hazard analysis and a process for developing control options. Also educate workers about the hierarchy of controls, worker rights and responsibilities, and the ability to refuse unsafe work.

This is a general program designed for all workers and supervisors, including those in management positions. Managers and supervisors who need more specialized knowledge should complete Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness. Employers must provide this training and keep a record of it.
Identifying Controls

Identifying and analysing hazards is the first step to improving your health and safety at work. This course will teach you how to identify the hazards that you may face in a variety of working environments and show you the various control measures that should be put in place to prevent these hazards from occurring.

Managers, supervisors, and workers should all be trained to understand the structure, plans, and procedures of the safety and health program. They should be taught how to report injuries, illnesses, incidents, and concerns without fear of retaliation.

This health and safety awareness course will also teach you how to access the right support and advice for your own health and well-being. This is important because it can reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs, as well as increase productivity. The course will also show you how to participate in your workplace’s internal responsibility system by identifying the roles and responsibilities of your supervisors, employers, and workers.
Identifying Reporting Procedures

Managers and workers need to know the structure, plans, and procedures of the safety and health program so that they can participate fully. They also need to understand the hazards and controls that are specific to their work. This is why training must be provided in the language(s) and at a literacy level that everyone can understand. Workers must also be aware that they have the right to report injuries, incidents, and hazards without fear of retaliation.

Managers and supervisors need to recognize hazards, act as directed by their employer to control them, and listen to and respond to worker concerns. They must be able to explain how the safety and health program works and its purpose. This includes demonstrating the importance of safety and health issues in relation to productivity and profitability. They should also be able to explain the role of a safety committee and its meeting schedules.
Identifying Emergency Procedures

A health and safety awareness course is an important first step in promoting a positive work culture and ensuring employees feel safe and secure at work. Effective training and education can also help improve worker productivity and compliance with industry regulations.

It also explains that workers have the right to report hazards, injuries, and concerns without fear of retaliation. It also identifies ways they can participate in the program, such as by becoming a health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee member, and participating in training.

Once learners have completed all of the course lessons and learning materials they will be prompted to take an online assessment. The assessment consists of 20 multiple choice questions and must be scored at 75% or higher to pass. Unlimited resits are available at no extra cost. Once successfully passed, a downloadable certificate will be provided. A QR code is displayed on each certificate and will link to our certification database, allowing employers, auditors or local authority inspectors to check the validity of certificates instantly.

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