How To Gut A Deer

Hunting is a sport that not only entertains but feeds. If you enjoy taking down your own food in their natural habitat, there are some things that you might want to do before bringing home the venison. Besides actually killing the deer, gutting it is something that you want to do as soon as possible.Whether you choose to do it in the field or at home, there is a certain way that you should go about field dressing a deer. There are different methods of doing this, but we will be going over just one.One of the methods, which is slightly more popular, involves stringing the deer up and gutting it that way. The same concepts apply here but may naturally have a few differences. This is going to be an easy and straightforward way to get this done.

What You Need


If you are a little squeamish about touching the innards, wearing rubber gloves can be wonderful. They help to protect you from disease at that. You do not have to wear them, but it may be a preference for some so keep them in mind.


You will need this one or a few to be able to cut the deer open. A hunting knife or another type of knife that is suitable for this situation will suffice.

Zip or bone saw

o You can use one of these tools or your knife to cut through the pelvic bones. Either way will work.


How To Gut A Deer - Deer

Obviously, you are going to need a deer to do this. When you bring one down, go get it and get to work, either bringing it home or gutting it right there.

Work Space

You can either use the spot where the kill took place or any other open area that will not mind a bit of blood. You can use a tarp to protect the ground if you have a good space for other uses as well.


A bucket to drain the blood and put the guts in may be convenient. Either way, you need to get rid of them somehow.


A tarp or other type of protection can be useful if you are not trying to give your surfaces permanent blood stains. This can help with cleanup, too, and not just during the process of gutting.


How To Gut A Deer - Cooler.jpg

Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner - Via

Bring a cooler if you want to keep the heart or liver to eat later. This helps to preserve them until the time is right. Letting them spoil will not be ideal if you want to use them later.

What to Do

1. Confirm the Kill

Killed deer by hunters lay on asphalt road

Ensure that you are dealing with a dead deer. If not, shoot it again and do not try to approach and slit their throat. They are very strong and can behave erratically for good reason.

2. Protect Yourself

Whether you are doing this in the field or a work space, you should make sure that you avoid disease by wearing gloves. This is not required, but can be quite helpful for some.

3. Position the Deer

Lay the deer on its back to get to the efficiently are you need to be dealing with. Find the sternum and prepare to cut.

4. Make the Cut

Starting at the sternum, take your knife and cut to the crotch without piercing the guts. Make sure the hide and membrane are penetrated, however. If your knife has a gut hook, use this to prevent cutting into the stomach.

5. Empty the Guts

Pull the guts out, starting with the crotch and make sure to cut the connective spinal membranes as you move along. Place them in the bucket for easier clean up. Avoid cutting the tenderloins by cutting too close to the spine.b. Continue to pull out the guts, taking out the diaphragm the last membranes from the carcass. Be super careful not to get any feces on the meat when dealing with the intestines.

6. Clear the Pelvis

Cut through the middle of the pelvic bone either using your knife or a zip or bone saw. Cut around the anus and pull out the colon from the body cavity. Ensure that nothing is left behind before moving to the next step.

7. Other Parts

The heart, liver, lungs , and anus can be removed either now or later, whichever is more convenient. Since these can last a little longer, it can save you some time when it comes to being outside in the wilderness. Make sure to cut the membranes here as well, being cautious about parts you want to use.

8. Finishing Up

You can save the heart and liver if you like to eat them. Place them in the cooler on ice or ice packs. Transfer the deer to your vehicle if you are out, and put them in the trunk. You can attach a chain, rope, or another device to drag them to your vehicle. Putting the front legs at its head while pulling can make the dragging easier.You may also want to wash the deer out before placing it in your car or wherever you are storing it.


Gutting a deer can be an interesting experience. If you do it right, you will be able to prevent the carcass from spoilage. Otherwise, you will have wasted a whole animal for no reason. If you are doing this for sport, take the deer to a meat processor to make some use of it.Whether you are hunting for sport or food, it is important to gut the deer before doing anything else with it. Only taking it somewhere to gut it should be done.I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it helps you with your hunting endeavors. Remember to be safe and careful to do this properly. Also, let me know what you think in the comments and share if you liked it!

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