How to Increase Your YouTube Watch Time

Watch time is the accumulated amount of time viewers spend watching your videos. It’s a key metric because YouTube elevates videos and channels with higher watch times in search results and recommendations.

There are many sites that sell youtube watch time but not all of them are safe and reliable. This is why you need to choose wisely.

  1. Engaging content

Watch time is a key metric for YouTube video content. The more watch time a video has, the more likely it is to appear in search and recommendation results. It also indicates that viewers are interested in the content.

To increase your youtube video’s watch time, make sure your videos are engaging. This is done through a strong thumbnail and title and a powerful CTA word in the description. It is also important to publish videos on a regular basis.

You can also use playlists to increase your watch time. For example, if you have a three part video series, you can add them all to a playlist and set it to “series”. This will ensure that your viewers see the next video in the series.

  1. End screens

End screens are interactive outros that play in the last 5-20 seconds of your video and can include all sorts of clickable elements like links to playlists, other videos, a subscribe button and even your website. This is a great way to funnel viewers into your other content and keep them on the platform for longer.

You can also use YouTube Analytics to trach which elements are performing best, so you can continue to promote them and even add them to more videos. Just be careful not to give people too many options – this could make your end screen look cluttered and ineffective.

It’s important to remember that YouTube algorithms reward channels that keep audiences logged in and watching videos. This is why it’s so important to push your audience to watch more of your content – if you do that, you’ll see results in your watch time!

  1. Pattern interrupters

The average human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, so it can be difficult to hold people’s attention on YouTube. Pattern interrupters are a great way to add variety to your videos and keep your audience engaged.

Pattern interrupters can be any visual or audio element that changes the viewer’s thought pattern. This can include anything from text overlays to animations.

One of the most effective pattern interrupters is unexpected sound. A sudden musical note, thwack of thunder or audience cheering can be all it takes to refocus a video’s lost attention. Another great pattern interrupter is a pop-up poll or question. This type of interruption can engage your audience and increase the number of comments on your video. It can also be used to prompt viewers to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Evergreen content

Evergreen content is a great way to increase traffic and visibility for your channel. This type of content focuses on solving a problem or answering questions that your audience will always have. Examples of this type of content include how-to instructions, step-by-step guides, and FAQs.

The key to creating evergreen content is understanding your audience and their needs. You can do this by analyzing your current traffic and search results using tools like Ahrefs. Also, consider conducting interviews or surveys to gain insight into your audience’s common challenges and questions.

This type of content tends to perform better than videos that focus on viral topics or news events. However, it’s important to keep in mind that evergreen content requires constant maintenance and updating. This is especially true for evergreen content that focuses on time-sensitive subjects, such as seasonal information or tips and tricks.

  1. Streaming

Streaming video is a great way to get viewers engaged. It is easy to share and has the added benefit of live chat and other engagement features. If done correctly, streaming can increase audience retention and ultimately your YouTube watch time.

Adding playlists to your videos is another way to boost Session Watch Time. You can link to them in Cards and End Screens, and promote them in your YouTube channel’s feed and on the homepage.

To be eligible to monetize, YouTube channels need 4,000 public watch hours. This metric is also important for ranking in search results. To make sure your watch time counts, convert your live streams into regular videos when the event is over. Note that watch times from Shorts do not count for the 4,000 hour threshold.

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