How to Maintain a Youth Compound Bow

Like all sports equipment, a modern compound bow requires regular maintenance to be able to operate at full capacity for a long time. Most archers acknowledge that maintaining their bow properly play a key role in choosing a suitable bow for themselves. On the other hand, there are people who are still careless about this, especially the young archers.

A youth compound bow can be able to be the partner of your children for many years without even any minor failure if the young archers know how to conserve it properly. To be honest, if the youth can take a great care of the bow, it is more likely that the bow will become obsolete before it is broken. Below are some basic tips that you can show your children so that they can keep their bow in great shape for years to come.

1. Waxing The Bowstring

Using a special wax for your bowstring offers a greater longevity of the bow’s strength as well as decrease the chance of breakage which might havoc the bow. The ingredients of the wax are added to infiltrate inside the string and lubricate it.

Drawing a bow causes the action of individual fibers inside the strings rub against each other. This leads to attrition of the strings. However, lubrication can dramatically reduce this process.

Using a specialized wax designed for bowstrings is more effective than normal waxes. Beeswax or candlewax contain substances that may cause opposite effect and damage your bow seriously.

As a result, make sure that you buy the right waxes. A quality wax only cost from $5 to $15 and can be used for a prolonged period. For those who still concern what waxes to buy, Allen’s Wax and Scorpion Venom are my suggestions.

You should use the wax you should use it in cycles once every 2-4 weeks. In case the bow is regularly used, this can be done every week.

2. Consider Replacing The Bowstring Regularly

In spite of well maintaining and periodically waxing, the bowstring will gradually wear out. Since the bowstring is a crucial part of a bow, its aging probably damages the bow and cause danger to the archery.

For this reason, I recommend that you should remind your children to change the bowstring once every three years or every 2500 shots.

3. Use Designated Lubricants When The Squeaks Happen

After your bow gets in contact with water, some elements begin squeaking when it is moved. It often occurs with axes and the main reasons that cause this problem are the lubricants being washed out by water or the accumulation of dirt.

This matter will be solve after you applying special lubricants to your bow. One thing to not, the WD-40 or the same lubricants may turn the axes into a useless part.

4. Humidity Always Has Negative Effects

Everyone know that the place to keep equipment impact significantly on its later performance as well as the life span. However, few people know that a compound bow’s corrosion and failure are the results of being stored in a moist environment for a long time. Consequently, keep in mind that your kids keep their bow in a dry place.

5. Have Your Bow Periodic Inspection

Over time, some mechanical parts of your bow might wear out while others become loose. Moreover, the youth compound bows tend to be more fragile.

Therefore, it is essential checking your bow regularly and fixing the problems by using suitable adjustments or repairs. Normally, some simple tricks like tightening of loose elements can solve the matters easily.

6. Consider Visiting Professional Service Store

There are days that your kids return home saying that their bow is not working well as usual. Remember to take both the bow and your children to the reputable store and ask the serviceman for help if you or the gear hunt are clueless about how to deal with it. This will ensure that the bow will be fixed properly as well as showing the young archers some solutions in case similar situation may occur in the future.

7. Keep The Cams Synchronized

Make sure that the cams are synchronized if you buy a two cam bow for your kiddos. Pay attention while drawing the bow, you can easily realize whether the cams are synchronized. Both cams should reach the let-off position at the same time. In case they are not, you need to adjust the buss cables.

8. Do Not Dry Fire a Compound Bow

Dry firing a bow can damage the bow when all the energy is suddenly applied to the string. Because the bow has a ‘let-off,’ it is usual accident for newbie especially playful kids to lose control when trying to let it down slowly. It also causes a catastrophic failure of said bow. This means your compound bow could break into pieces.

It is somehow acceptable to pull it back to practice, but remember to let it back to the original position instead of releasing it. However, I would recommend that you should never draw your bow without an arrow. Let your kids know that they can improves their strengths by practice pushing up or other exercises to strengthen their arms.

Archery recently becomes a popular sport among teens. Many young people had owned an expensive compound bow since they were 5 or 6 years old. However, even though you purchase a best youth compound bow for you children, it cannot survive for a long time without a careful maintenance.

In other words, the need of replacing a bow is that sooner or later. Furthermore, children seldom aware of the importance of keeping their objects.

For those reasons, guiding your kids how to maintain their compound bow is not only helps you save your budget but also increase responsible sense.

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