5 Ways to Make the Best Coffee While Enjoying the Great Outdoors

There is nothing more lovely than the feeling of being connected with nature or sitting near a campfire. The calmness and peacefulness are hard to find elsewhere. And what makes it even better? You can make the best cup of coffee in the morning as you look at the sunrise. It is already a fulfilling experience to camp in the midst of nowhere. However, it is more wonderful to have a freshly brewed coffee.

I. 5 Ways to Make the Best Coffee While Enjoying the Great Outdoors

But, the question is, how to make coffee while camping, especially without the comfort of your kitchen? There are various ways you can make a cup of the best coffee while camping. Plus, you can enjoy your coffee while you sit outside your tent. With that, here are the five methods to make a cup of coffee while camping.

1. The Cowboy Method

If you get used to keeping your camping real rough, why not brew your coffee in a cowboy way? It is a way wherein cowboys used to make coffee while sleeping in the great outdoors. It is a method that is quite simple to follow. What you need to prepare is a simple pot. Then, fill the pot with water. Put the grounds of coffee into the pot. Then, let it boil on the fire for a few minutes. While it is hot, remove it from the fire. Let it cool down for a while. The coffee particles will settle at the bottom. After that, you can pour a cup of great coffee you can enjoy.

2. Percolator Way

The percolator method is almost the same as the classic cowboy way mentioned above. However, the difference between the two is that for the percolator, you will need a basket that you can pour the coffee particles. It will make it easier for you to clean up everything after. Also, it will lessen the chance of burning your coffee. As the water starts to boil, it will ascend on a small pipe. All you have to do is to push the percolator button on top. Then, the water will flow through the coffee into the basket. It will make a decent cup of coffee in the morning.

3. Camping Coffee Maker​

A camping coffee maker can do wonders when you go on your outdoor adventures. However, this is not the best option when you are planning to go on a hike. You can place this coffee maker on a camping stove for heating. Then, it can work as a standard drip coffee maker. It is best that you utilize it in your campground since it will be heavy to pack a stove and a coffee maker.

4. French Press

For most coffee addicts, they will suggest that you bring a French Press while traveling in outdoors. It is also an excellent way to make coffee while taking pleasure with your camping experience. The French Press is also quite convenient to bring since it is lightweight and small. All you have to do is to bring some coffee. Then, boil some water and transfer it into the device. Then, put some coffee in it. Let it brew until you get the taste you want. Lastly, hit it down to put the coffee grounds at the bottom.

5. One Cup Filter​

If you want the ultralight choice for your coffee device, you may need the one cup filter. It is a simple filter that has a plastic material. Sometimes, it also has a mesh, making it smaller and lighter compared to another coffee maker. All you need to do is fasten it to the top of your cup. Then, gently pour the boiling water on it, letting it drain into the container.

II. Conclusion

If you are into camping in the great outdoors, you may want to try making the best cup of coffee over the campfire. Sometimes, you will forcefully make coffee without following the proper methods. However, it will leave you with an odd and bitter tasting coffee. And this will only make your mornings kind of off.

With a limited area and resources, your last resort is to pack some instant coffee. But, you do not have to do that! With the use of the five methods of making coffee mentioned above, you will make a great cup of coffee. Plus, you can set your mood early in the morning to prepare for the day’s camping activities.

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