How to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2 [Step-by-Step Guide]

how to make evil in little alchemy 2

Become a villain in Little Alchemy 2 with the help of a few key steps. You are at the right place to learn it according to your passion. Evil is one of the numerous elements in Little Alchemy 2, an addictive game that allows you to combine elements to create new ones. Making evil in Little Alchemy 2 may seem difficult at first, but with a few simple steps and some practice, it can be done easily. This article will discuss how to make evil in Little Alchemy2 and the power to create new items to kill your enemies.

The Sketch Line of Little Alchemy 2 Feature

A huge range of little alchemy 2 items is available that you can create with simple combinations. For example, combining the elements Earth and Water will create Mud, and combining Fire and Earth will create Lava. This game will provide hours of fun and excitement with hundreds of combinations available.

There are also additional features, such as creating Alchemy Formulas which allow you to create more complex items such as Flying Machines and Time Machines. Little Alchemy 2 is an incredibly fun game that encourages creativity and problem-solving skills.

The game’s goal is to create the entire world using just four basic elements: air, earth, fire, and water. You can create up to 500 unique items with simple combinations of these elements.

Method to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2

Players can make Evil in Little Alchemy 2 by combining Death and Human elements. This combination will create the item ‘Evil.’ Combining Evil with other elements, such as Monsters or Ghost, will allow players to create even more powerful creatures.

Additionally, combining Evil with Life will yield the special element Necromancer, a powerful creature with various dark magic capabilities. The Necromancer is one of the most powerful items in Little Alchemy 2 and allows players to manipulate many elements in the game.

Download the Myths and Monsters Pack

Creating Evil in Little Alchemy 2 can be made by downloading the Myths and Monsters Pack. This pack gives you access to four basic elements that can be used to create Evil. You will also get an exclusive item, a monster item, and a list of heroes.

The Myths and Monsters pack are available on Android and iOS devices. It costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from the store or main store window. If you are using the web browser version of the game, you won’t be able to play with the required packages.

The Myths and Monsters expansion pack for Little Alchemy 2 is the first paid DLC for the game. It adds the element Monster and the forces of Good and Evil to the starting line-up. It also introduces 130 new elements to explore.

Accessing the Critical Elements in Myths and Monsters Pack

The Myths and Monsters Pack contains four basic elements: Immortality, Monster, and Good. However, the Myths and Monsters Pack also contains an Evil, and it is worth mentioning that the Myths and Monsters Pack is the first paid expansion for Little Alchemy 2.

The Myths and Monsters Pack also introduces some new elements, including the Primordial soup and the Time. However, primordial soup is a fancy name for combining several elements, including lightning, sea, and storm. Time is a little more complicated, combining time, life, and other elements.

How to Create a Human in Little Alchemy 2

  • Start with two basic elements: Life and Death.
  • Drag and drop Life onto the playing board, then drag and drop Death onto the same spot.
  • The combination of these two elements will create a new element – Human!


Creating the Evil element in Little Alchemy 2 is not as simple as it seems. The challenge comes from finding the right elements to combine. You must also know the “paths” to make your item. There are eight stages in the game. Each stage involves combining four different elements.

The first step is to combine Volcano with Primordial Soup to make Sea. This combination will yield the base element of Evil. You can also combine this element with Lightning, Lake, or even Earth + Planet.

The Myths and Monsters expansion pack will give you an additional 110 combinations to work with. It will also add the Monster and Good elements so you won’t be short on options.


Having immortality in Little Alchemy 2 is not a necessity. However, it is one of the basic elements that you can create. Immortality is a representation of the human need to overcome death. Some belief in the immortality of their souls or the gods.

The idea of immortality can be applied to mythic beings such as the Chinese Dragon, Durendal, and Jormungandr.To create immortality in Little Alchemy 2, players must purchase the Myths and Monsters Content Pack.

This is an expansion pack that is only available for the iOS and Android versions of the game. This pack adds 110 extra items to the game’s roster.

There are also four new starter items: Good, Evil, Monster, and Immortality. These elements can be used to create mythic beings, including Midgard and the World Serpent.

How to Combine Elements in Little Alchemy 2 to Create the World

Creating Evil in Little Alchemy 2 isn’t as simple as it may seem. You must know what elements to combine and how to make the right combinations. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

In Little Alchemy 2, you have to combine elements to create the worlds you want. You can start with earth, fire, and water.

There are many other elements to combine in the game, including lightning, water, air, sea, lake, and volcano. But there’s one element you can’t create on your own. It’s the evil element.

The Myths and Monsters Content Pack is an incredibly important expansion to the game. This pack adds 100 new items, creatures, and monsters to the game.

The expansion also introduces new elements like Good and Evil. These elements can only be found in the game if you purchase the pack. It’s available on the web version of the game and the iOS and Android apps. It costs less than three dollars.

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