How to spool a spincast reel in 8 simple ways

Fishing always sounds really fun, and you surely want to do it one of these days. Many find the idea of going on a fishing enjoyable, but do not really mind whether they have caught a fish or not. But, the happiness and fun in fishing springs from really catching a fish or two. It goes without saying that not catching any would mean not fishing at all or missing half of what the whole fishing experience can offer.

Being able to catch your desired number of fish, or at least, even just one entails mastery of fishing skills. This said, you really have to know how to fish, and knowing how to fish starts from knowing how to use the fishing rod.

So, how to spool a spincast reel?

I. Spooling a Spincast Reel

Spooling a Spincast Reel

  1. If the reel uses a screw as its cover, unscrew the cover and take it off from the reel. Some reels use a pin or a notch to hold them which needs to be removed first before you can remove the cover.
  2. Get rid of the old line in your reel. But, if you want to save money, just pull enough old line off and put enough new line on. You may use the old line as a back up.
  3. Run a new line from the rod end through the hole in the cover, and tie the line to the reel spool. Use either a nail or a clinch knot to tie the new with the old line.
  4. Place the cover back on the reel by holding the line tightly. Remember to pull the new line tightly after putting the cover on.
  5. Reel the new line onto the reel with enough tension to maintain its tightness on the spool. Loose lines could result to casting problems.
  6. Limit your line to ⅛ of an inch of the lip to fill the spool. Putting too much line on the reel is not advisable. When you spool, remove the cover so you can do it properly. Also, should you replace the line, make sure you don’t pinch it.
  7. Tie the line on the lure, and then, you are ready to go. Of course, you need to run the line through the line guides! Make sure you hold the reel when casting and pinch the line between your fingers to keep it tight. If your lure is light and does not put tension on the line, don’t worry, the caught fish will give tension on it as it pulls against the line.
  8. Should the line get twisted, remove the twist. When reeling the line back on the reel, there’s shouldn’t be anything at the end of the line. Reel the line in slowly but surely.

To know more about the details on how to spool a spincast reel, please watch this video:
Apart from knowing the steps on how to spool your spincast reel, you have to know the proper way to execute these steps, of course. You may refer to Berkley Fishing for more strategic ways to spool your spincast reel.

II. Taking care of your spincast reel

Taking care of your spincast reel

Now that you know how to spool your spincast reel, what about taking care of it? Remember that keeping your reel in good condition is a must if you are to use it in a long term. So, here’s how;

  • Wash it with fresh water every after use
  • Avoid laying it in the sand when not in use
  • Store your reel properly in a safe place inside your house

III. Conclusion

If you are a seasoned fisher, spooling a spincast reel may just be a piece of cake. If you are a newbie, you’ll find that it isn’t as complicated as you thought it could be.

We have just listed eight ways on how to spool your spincast reel plus the simple ways on how to take care of it. But, bear in mind that not everything falls into place in every fishing. So, you’ve got to expect some glitches. It all depends on how you follow the steps we have just shared with you.

You may not have a perfect fishing spree by simply applying and following all of these steps, but, you will surely have fun. Enjoy fishing!

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