How To Throw A Cast Net

Throwing a cast net can be a little complicated. Doing it properly takes a lot of practice. However, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Catching your own bait fish can be beneficial in many ways. Learning how to throw a cast net will become almost second nature once you get the right technique down.
Sometimes, you may be in the middle of a trip and run out of bait. Instead of going to the shop and forking over some money to get what you can catch in the same waters. Doing it to be the most efficient at catching the fish that you need will definitely take some patience, time, and practice.
In order to cast that net and have a bucket of bait fish to show for it, follow these simple steps to perfecting the maneuver. As long as you have a handle on what you are doing, you should be catching bait fish and saving money in no time at all.

What You Need

  • A casting net: A casting net is the main thing that you are going to need. They come in different sizes and types, but the idea is the same. Regardless of how big or small it is; this method is ideal for throwing your cast net.
  • An area of practice: Whether you want to practice in or outside of the water, you should find a place where you have the room and ability to practice. Practicing is key if you want to do this right.
  • Patience: Have the patience to get it wrong the first few times. It is a part of the learning process and life.
  • Yourself ?

What You Do

Prepare for Practice

Attach the hand line’s loop to your left wrist; your right if you are a lefty. You will want this hand loop to be relatively tight and properly secured. The last thing that you want to do is to lose your case in the lake. While practicing, you should do it on land before moving to the water in order to get the hang of it.

Get into Position

How to Throw a Cast Net - Get into Position
  • Release the net and everything else. The only thing that should be attached to the net right now is the loop hand line. Depending on the size of your net, loop it in your left hand into coils. Fewer or smaller coils may be easier to throw, but the net will be smaller.
  • Take the horn of the net, placing it in your left hand and face your palm upward. Make one more coil with the net just underneath the horn. Bunch it up and coil a circle that is a bit bigger than the other coils that you have made.

Split the Net

How To Throw A Cast Net - Split the Net
  • With your right hand, take the remaining net and untwist it while folding it in half. Grab a hold of the halfway point between the end of the coil and the leaded weights.
  • One half of the leaded weights will be resting at the end of the net that you have in your hand.

Over Your Thumb

  • Take the half in your right hand roll it over your left thumb to transfer the who net to your left hand. Keep hold of the coils and roll your wrist down as well.
  • Make sure that the piles do not really intersect.
  • If done correctly, the skirt bottom with the leaded weights should have two piles that are distinct in that they are different heights.

Use Your Teeth

How To Throw A Cast Net - Use Your Teeth
  • Find the bottom of the skirt where the lead pile turns switches from high to low and place it in between your teeth. This may be somewhat unpleasant so that you can throw in over your left shoulder instead. With the shoulder method, you will have to use a little bit more of the skirt bottom. This should not make a difference. Make sure that it does not slip off if you are using this method.
  • Using your right hand, reach down and take the part that is swinging down from your teeth or shoulder. Position your right palm upward and in between your pinky and ring finger.
  • Keeping the line in between your ring and pinky fingers, take the half of the net that was resting on your thumb. This will be the top pile that you rested on your thumb previously.

Throw the Net

Twist your body at the waist and point your toes forward to throw the cast net. Unleash the net as you spin back to the right and once your whole mass is facing the same direction that your toes are pointing and then let go.
Let it unfurl using centrifugal force. Instead of using a lot of power, do it like a golf swing. The more natural and the easier your motion, the better your final outcome will be.
Keep your arm stretched out as the net uncoils. It should already be extended, unlike with a Frisbee.

Watch the Results

Your net will fan out clockwise over the water or whatever surface you are practicing on. When ready, pull it in using the hand line and enjoy the reward of a mass of live bait fish.


Overall, it is not too difficult to learn how to throw a cast a net. With practice and patience, you can find out how in no time at all. Make sure that you are doing the right thing in order to keep your line from sinking into the abyss never to be found again. If you have trouble keeping up with the bait that you use, a casting net can be just what you need.
I hope you enjoyed this fishing tutorial and have fun getting to move further into the fishing world! Let me know what you think in the comments and share if you liked it!

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