When a hunter goes out on a hunting spree, he always keeps in mind the weapon that he is going to bring with him. There are a million reasons why you need to learn basic survival skills, but I believe that the most important thing of all is to know what weapon you are going to use to survive. Most of us would probably choose a gun, and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, this is a modern world, and it is much easier to carry a gun than any other weapon. However, as much as I hate to blow your bubbles, I have to differ because before guns were invented, there were bows and arrows. Survival archery helped men who lived thousands of years ago to survive by defending their family, lands, and territory. So, you might be asking yourselves why I am saying this, but let me just give you some information why you need to learn survival archery, when you need to use your knowledge, and how you are going to put your knowledge to good use.

Why You Need to Learn Survival Archery

The answer is simple: survival. Our history books have been really vocal about the importance of a bow and arrow, and the importance of survival archery has not decreased even though our world has changed. If it’s any consolation, I think the modernization of technology have even added several uses to a bow and arrow. What I am trying to say is survival archery can help us – not just me, but also you, your family member, or anyone out there – to survive.

1. Stealth for Hunting

If you are a hunter, chances are you will choose a weapon that is both easy to carry and can help you hunt animals without blowing your cover. A gun is okay, but a bow and arrow is a very silent weapon, and we all know by now that we need silence when we are hunting.

2. Versatility


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First, there are many types of bows such as:

– Longbow that is the oldest model and the simplest one to use among the other bow types;
– Recurve bow that is an upgraded version of a long bow with its tips curved in the opposite direction;
– Takedown recurve bow that can be broken down into three parts, and it can be adjusted depending on the skill level of a hunter or any person;
– Compound bow that is easier to draw than the previous four bows, but it also requires regular tuning;
– Crossbow has a much higher tension than any other bows, and is just like a gun; and
– Sling bow is the most portable bow among the above-mentioned bows, but this is mainly used for small games.
Second, survival archery is versatile because you can interchange the use of homemade arrows and arrowheads depending on your need. If you want to catch fish, of course, you can opt to use the fish arrowhead.
Lastly, while it is up to you what bow and arrow you prefer to use, you also have to take into consideration whether you want a bow with a single pin bow sight or multiple pin sight. If you are afraid to choose the wrong pin when you take aim, choose the former, but if you want to adjust your pin without physically adjusting your sight, then choose the latter.

3. Affordability

Unlike guns and bullets, you can buy a bow at an affordable price, make an arrow at home, and you can also reuse the arrows over and over again. Also, taking guns with you can be a pain in the ass especially if a certain state prohibits the use of large caliber weapon in their area, but laws are more lax with bows and arrows.

When You Need to Use Your Skills

Now that you know why you need to learn survival archery, it is time to tell when you need to use your knowledge about bows and arrows. There are hundreds of scenarios when you can use your skills in archery, but here are the most common situations:

1. Hunting

Learning survival archery will help you hunt animals – fish, bear, deer, and coyote to name a few. I believe this is self-explanatory because we all see people use bows and arrows to hunt animals. So if you think that you already have the proper skills to hunt animals using a bow and arrow, then by all means, go out there and hunt.

2. Defense

The reason why I included this on the list is due to the fact that defense goes hand in hand with hunting because anything can happen in the wild. If you browse online, you will probably come across with articles about hunters being attacked by their prey. Most survive, but some just ran out of luck. If you know survival archery, you will have a higher chance of successfully defending yourself against an unexpected attack.

How to Put Your Knowledge to Good Us

Now that you know why you need to learn survival archery and when you need to use your skills, how do you then put your knowledge to good use? Most of us prefer to wait in the dark, while the aggressive ones want to go out in the open. Although it is up to you how you can put your skills to good use, the most important thing that you need to remember is to always have patience.

In totality, learning survival archery is very advantageous. Even if we talk about hunting, chaos, or scarcity of food, it all boils down to this one important point: survival archery will help us to survive. We need food, we need defense, we need security, but most of all, we need an assurance that at the end of the day, we can survive. So, please don’t limit yourself to the possibilities of learning survival archery, because life is too short to be anything but ignorant. I hope I was able to give you enough reasons why survival archery is important. If you feel like there were some questions I haven’t answered, please leave your comments below.

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