Recently, life quality has been increasing, the problem of food or shelter has been eliminated; human pay more attention in entertainment and their health. As a result, outdoor activities have gained the popularity all over the world like riding, climbing mountain, especially hunting. Today, trail cameras were invented to make your hunting more effective, make you become a more professional hunter. Trail cameras are widely sold in the market with various types, at various prices. One of the most famous trail cameras that are best-selling is browning strike force sub micro 10mp game camera. Beside to trail cameras, there are some features that you should know when starting your hunting. Let’s make it funnier and more enjoyable.

Taking use of modernity of our area

As I mentioned before, information technology is on the way of developing, helping all aspects of life in general and helping hunter in particular

  • Trail cameras are very useful equipment that no one can deny. It helps hunters to catch clear images of the objects, then give their own guess. From these images, they can get information about the object they are trying to hunt. They will know the object’s habit, its appearance, and its frequency of going through the place you are. You can visit to read more about trail camera for hunting.

  • Clothing is also very important thing you should prepare carefully. They may not belong to hi-tech tools, but today, they are more modern and improved, which help you a lot. You should prepare boots, gloves ( insulated or un-insulated based on weather condition), rain suit, safety vest, socks (breathable and insulated)
  • Other equipment like sharp knife, plastic bags, battery….

In general, before starting hunting, you should spend time checking necessary tools and equipment, asking advices, and consulting from internet.

Setting a plan

Before doing anything, you should make a careful plan to get an effective trip.

  • Deciding where is an ideal place for you to perform. It may be a wood forest or fields. To make the decision, you should do a research to get information about this area.
  • Inviting friends to go with. Your trip will be funnier if you have friends to share experiences or talk about your objects.

Taking a bath with a scent-free soap

It may be strange but very important, especially for deer hunters. On the way to the hunting area, you should try to avoid contaminating your clothes. As a result, your hunting clothes keep natural scents and spreads out the hunting location.

Remembering some notes during your hunting

  • Move slowly: when hunting, most of hunters move a little fast and do not sit long enough. It is clearly that hunters should be patient. Let’s use your watch as a tool to guide your movement, to decide how long to stand still. Therefore, you will have to keep quiet for at least some minutes or even longer based on the situation

  • Stop when there is noise: it is very important for you to remember this thing. During your movement, you can make noise; however, if you suspect animals are coming closer, you should stop and stay still immediately to see. There may be a deer, which is quite sensitive when hearing the noise, but it might go back for food if it cannot see or smell you.
  • Pick landmarks: annually, hunters stalk to animals if they recognize them. They can make circles as marks to follow behind it. It seems effective; however, you may be confused when you want to change your hunting location. As a result, it is better for you to choose a distinctive thing that you are able to recognize easily when you come back. It may be a large tree or a rock which can help you come back to the right place.
  • Guessing the movement of the object based on its pace: when you stalk to the animal, you should see its pace carefully and try to make a guess where it is. You need to decide its direction and its frequency of travel.
  • Delete shooting lanes: when starting your hunting, you choose a tree stand, then practice the shooting positions for all directions which animals can appear from. Then, you need all branches in the line of fire and choose the best position that you are able to move as little as possible.

In conclusion, above are some useful tips that you should make your attention. All above tips are withdrawn from my own experience and knowledge I read in books or other reliable source. It can say that hunting is one of the most wonderful activities you should to try. It brings you not only food but also memorable experiences. Let’s go outside and enjoy the natural environment, let’s forget all stress, all bad things you are worrying about to breathe fresh air, explore the world around you. I am sure you will not deny such an interesting activity.
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