Top best meals for hunting camp you ought to know

If there’s one thing you should love second to hunting, that must be food. Well, who doesn’t want to eat after a strenuous hunting spree? Hunting isn’t like a walk in the park. You have to exert an extraordinary energy to hit your target. Now, that must be very difficult to do if you are starving. So, before you grab your hunting tools, make sure you have brought something good for your stomach.

Since hunting is usually done when the sun is up, hunters normally prepare food that is good for lunch, or if the fun spilled over, the food indulgence would extend until dinner. But, this post chooses to introduce to you the best meals you can have not just for lunch or dinner, but also breakfast, lest you have spent overnight in a camp.

So, get your slum notebook, and take these top seven best meals for hunting camp down.

Baked Potatoes and Grilled Backstraps

Baked Potatoes and Grilled Backstraps
This is just a simple meal that’ll complete your hunting experience. Season your backstraps with your favorite seasoning before grilling. Make sure you grill it to medium-rare. You may fry or bake potatoes to add potassium to your meal during breakfast.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

When hunting hasn’t made their day yet, camp members usually sit around the corner with wounded hands, legs, and egos. It pays to feed them with something tasty, and that could be pulled pork sandwiches. This meal will surely take back their hunting spirit, making them ready to fight in the hunting field again.

Venison Sausage, Home Fries, and Eggs

Venison Sausage, Home Fries, and Eggs
Skip other meals but never your breakfast. Your mother should have told you this! Lest you have spent overnight in the camp, here’s a quick-and-easy to prepare the breakfast you and your hunt mates get to enjoy. Make sure you eat this most important meal of the day, so you’ll have enough energy to chase your prey.

Smoked Oysters and Sardines

Smoked Oysters and Sardines
Hunting can be the most strenuous outdoor activity you can ever experience, and it becomes even more tiring if your energy isn’t enough to brave the whole day. So, foods rich in protein like sardines and smoked oysters should be part of your menu meal, especially during lunch time.

Beef or Pork Steak

Beef or Pork Steak
We understand your cravings after spending one whole day under the heat of the sun. So, try preparing beef or pork steak for your dinner, in case you want to extend your day by staying overnight in the camp. Just place it on top of the hot coals, and have some butter on top of it, and your dinner is solved!


Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you should abandon your healthy diet. Veggies shouldn’t be overlooked in this muscle-wrecking activity. Lettuce and Cole Slaw can already fill the bin, and get you going. Never underestimate the power of veggies, so make sure they are present in your meal.


Many won’t consider fruits as a meal, but they can actually be deemed as one. For those who are maintaining a body figure, and can’t afford to cheat at least during hunting; well, let it be. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that your body would need to brave the whole day. So, don’t deprive the other hunters of their meal choice, not even yourself.  Feel free to take fruits as your meal, and just enjoy the juices. However, if you feel a bit hungry, don’t starve yourself too much. Have some bites of carbs. That’s not a crime.

American Cheese, English Muffin, and Boiled Eggs

Actually, any kind of cheese and muffin will do. Eggs can be scrambled or boiled, too. If you opt for a fried egg, take note of the tips on frying food in a healthier way. These are very easy to prepare, so you may have them during breakfast. This meal is a perfect way to start your day, so make sure all the hunters can get their fill of this.

Hotdogs, Beans, and Bacons

Hotdogs, Beans, and Bacons
If this sounds quite a process for you, well, you have to take note of how easy this is to prepare. Just place the beans on a pan. Slice the hotdogs, and put cheese on its opening. Place them in a pan, and cover it with bacon. Wait until the bacon is cooked. Isn’t this easy to prepare? Try this in your next camp, and there would be a smiley in your tummy.

What about your drinks?

What about your drinks
Well, there’s no hard and fast rule in choosing the right drink during your hunting camp. You may bring soft drinks if your baggage allows. Everyone has his own preferred drink. But, carrying with you varied kinds and flavors of drinks may not be a good idea.

Give yourself a little fasting from coffee, if you are used to drinking one cup every day. Hunting doesn’t happen every day, so, skipping caffeine just for a day or two isn’t a crime. Caffeine isn’t good for the body anyway, so, why bother drinking coffee?

Go for what is universally liked and swallowed – water. Water will forever be the best drink you can ever reward your body. So, always obey your taste by drinking just water.


You can’t go wrong with eating the best meals during your hunting day. After all, you are what you eat. And perhaps your hunting skills depend on what you feed your tummy to endure the whole day in the wild. I would understand you would go light during the hunt, and bringing a lot of tools can weigh you down. But, if you want more comfortable cooking ideas, bringing electric griddles can do you good. With electric griddles, your cooking will be a lot much easier; hence, adding more fun to your hunting experience.

There are no right or wrong meals for a hunting camp. You can always choose what to eat outdoors. The above-suggested meals are only a few of those great meals you can prepare during your hunting camp. Also, do not limit yourself from exploring good recipes and menu. It’s always better to have several meal options, especially when your stomach calls for it.


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