Tours De Magie Digitale

Émerveiller vos invités avec une magie a distance unique et dynamique! La magie numérique permet de personnaliser et de donner une nouvelle perspective à votre evenement en ligne.

Pionnier de la magie numérique, Simon Pierro est un magicien numerique qui a étonné le public avec des spectacles d’innovation sur iPad. Il réalise des tours a distance suprêmement et impressionnantes, pour les médias d’entreprise et des campagnes vidéos marketing internationales.

Christoph Wilke

Christoph Wilke est un magicien numérique pleine d’avenir qui fait partie d’une nouvelle génération de artistes. Il joue sur une tablette et sur d’autres objets connectés, et réalise des tours de magie pour que la public participe aux illusions. Le style de la magie s’étend à une grande variété de projets, pouvant se révéler extrêmement divers et inédits. Le principe d’être un monde vivant d’une manière unique et remarquable est le choix de Christoph.

Il a crée l’application Magical Photobooth pour permettre aux visiteurs de profiter du moment magique durant leur visite virtuelle. L’application a été téléchargée 800 000 fois et citée dans les meilleurs shows televisés, magazines de magie et blogs high-tech. La technologie ne tient pas à écarter la magie d’une forme, mais à la faire mieux connaître en faisant en sorte que les possibilités technologiques soient plus nombreuses.

Depuis 2011, nous melangeons l’art de la magie avec les dernières technologies afin de créer une expérience réelle entre le réel et la virtualité. Nous imaginons, créons et réalisons avec passion des spectacles de magie augmentede, des installations interactives et des campagnes vidéos marketing dans notre studio, Magic Home.

Chaque membre de l’équipe doit posséder un sens du caractère magie. Cette qualité d’être magie peut être manifestée par son comportement ou à l’intérieur d’un projet. Ainsi, le magicien digital reçoit une attention particulière pour ses gestures et sa présence évolutive. Cependant, ce n’est pas suffisant. Nous cherchons aussi à renforcer la compréhension de ce concept de magie au niveau individuel et organisationnel, pour que chacun puisse tirer pleinement profit du potentiel de magie.

Simon Pierro

A digital magician without parallel, Simon Pierro’s illusions combine the real world with technology. His magical tours de magie numérique etouflants enchant and delight audiences worldwide. He combines traditional magic with modern elements from popular culture and high-tech to create a show that enthralls the audience. His iPad magic tricks allow the audience to interact with the illusions, bringing the virtual world into the physical.

This interactive performance takes place in front of a large audience, and is the perfect entertainment choice for corporate events. The magician can also interact with the audience to convey your company’s message in a fun and engaging way. This entertainment is guaranteed to amaze your guests and leave them with a lasting impression of your brand.

Having graduated with a degree in business administration and engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Simon Pierro is uniquely positioned to understand the complex technologies used in his shows. This knowledge gives him an advantage when entertaining at corporate events and enables him to design the intricate technologies incorporated in his magic tricks.

After graduating, Simon was offered a role on the national German Candid Camera-style TV show Menschen der Woche and later on Frank Elstner’s Saturday evening TV show Verstehen Sie Spass?, where he played magic pranks. He went on to perform in Europe, Asia and America. He has also been featured in several online videos.

His motivation for participating in magie digitale comes from his fascination with the way that technology can transform reality and change people’s lives. He aims to bring back some of the mystery and chaotic potential that our culture has lost along the way. His vision is to bridge the gap between art and technology with a magic show that brings both into focus.

With his innovative digital magic, Simon reveals the hidden secrets of our everyday world. His shows are spellbinding and hypnotizing, and his audience will be left speechless by the astonishing tricks. He has been seen on stage and on television in many countries, including the US, France and Germany. His unique style has earned him numerous awards and nominations from international festivals.

Olivia Valerie

Olivia Valerie was one of the most influential women in the world of hypnotism. She was a pioneer in her field, and she helped to make hypnotism accessible to the masses. She was also a successful businesswoman, and she owned several nightclubs across the globe. She was known for her glamorous lifestyle, and she loved to entertain celebrities and wealthy clientele.

She started her career in Paris, where she worked as PR for the French Senate. She then opened her first club, which was called Apocalypse. This was a unique club that blended a piano bar with a disco, and it became an instant success. In 1984, she decided to move to Marbella, Spain, after falling in love with the area. Her first club was named the Olivia Valere Club, and it was an immediate hit. The club was located in the Gray d’Albion in Puerto Banus, and it attracted many celebrities.

She later expanded her business, opening nightclubs in locations such as Morocco and Argentina. She also hosted many high-profile events, such as award ceremonies and fashion shows. She was a talented host and was also an accomplished singer. Her songs were popular throughout Europe, and she was a well-known figure in the nightlife scene.

During her lifetime, she was inducted into the International Hall of Fame for Magic and the Las Vegas Magicians’ Hall of Fame. She was an inspiration to others in the field, and she was a true symbol of success. She was a woman who believed in hard work and never gave up. Her passion for her job was contagious, and she always put her customers first.

We are a team of experts who love to create magical experiences between the real and virtual. We have a passion for the art of magie numérique and use cutting-edge technologies to bring our vision to life. We work with clients from all over the world, and we are always looking for new challenges. Our mission is to create magical experiences that will last a lifetime. We offer a wide range of services, from bespoke weddings to corporate events.


Daniela is a Peruvian singer-songwriter with an eclectic sound that combines different genres. Her music is a mix of melancholy and magic. She has performed in many countries, including the United States. She has also written a book about her experiences on the road. She is a believer in the power of video production and loves to work on projects that are visually engaging.

A recent survey of C-suite executives revealed that 90 % of respondents were more likely to want to work for an organisation that had adopted and invested in digital transformation technologies. These tools allow for greater agility and collaboration, helping organisations to deliver improvements to their products and services more quickly. They can also help reduce costs and improve their bottom line.

Daniela grew up playing volleyball, a sport that relies on teamwork to succeed, and she brings this same spirit to her professional life. She believes that coders are not just doing work for themselves, but are doing it for the community as a whole and for future generations. For this reason, she is passionate about solving challenging problems and making the impossible possible.

She is also passionate about her work, and has worked on several different projects in the past. She has even done a couple of television commercials and video clips. She was a part of the cast for the Netflix series Turn of the Tide, which follows a group of friends as they find themselves in trouble on the seas.

Daniela’s goal is to inspire her audience and leave them wanting more. She does this by using her unique and interactive magic shows. She is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and her work has received widespread praise from her fans. Her videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube, and she has been featured in major media outlets. She is also a sought-after speaker at corporate events. magie digitale

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