A lot of people do not know what to do on their days off from work and therefore end up staying at home all day. Some do not take days off because they would rather work than stay at home all day doing nothing. If you are in either of the two categories, there is a great activity that is totally worth ditching work for. This activity is fly fishing.

What is Fly fishing and how is it done?

Fly fishing is simply the type of fishing where you use an artificial fly as bait to catch the fish. To cast the fly, you need reel, fly rod and weighted line which is normally specialized for this kind of fishing. The artificial flies used in fly fishing are normally almost weightless. This means you have to use different casting techniques. There are several techniques that people employ. There are those that use flies that are hand tied but resemble vertebrates and there are those that lure the fish to by using lures’ (it could be something resembling a food organism).

Fly fishing can be done in salt or fresh water. The common ways of distinguishing between fresh water fishing is by species in warm water such as bass and those in cold water such as the salmon, trout and steelhead. This distinction mainly applies to people in North America.
 Fishing tackle - fishing rod fishing line hooks and lures

When it comes to fly fishing techniques, the techniques applied tend to vary with the kind of habitat in which the fishing is being done such as: lakes, rivers ponds, streams, open oceans and estuaries.

Fly Fishing Equipment and Supplies

Whether you want to know how to fly fishing for bass or trout or any other species, there are a number of equipment and supplies that are very important to have for you to get involved in fly fishing.
Fly Fishing Equipment and Supplies

The first thing you need to have is a fishing rod. Fishing rods are the equipment used for the purpose of catching fish. The best kind is the telescopic type. These are the type of fishing rods that are able to collapse into a short rod and when you need to use them you can make them longer. The advantage of having the best telescopic fishing rod is that you get to carry it easily even on long distances.

The other equipment that is very important in fishing is a landing net. A landing net is used to place the fish once you have removed them from the water. It also helps in keeping control of your fish when you are removing the hook.You might also need a LED lamp. This one is useful if you like fishing at night more than during the day. It also comes in handy in case of an emergency at night.
Young caucasian woman at waterside with fishing rod and landing net
Waders are also very important in fishing. You however need to ensure that they are waterproof so that you can remain comfortable and dry during the entire fishing session.

Clippers are also very important in fly fishing. These are used for cutting ends of knots, tippet and many other purposes. If you have this, you will also need a zinger. This is used to hold the clippers as well as the hemostat. A hemostat is equipment that is used for easy removal of flies from the trout’s mouth. It is also useful for laying down the barb that is on the hook.Fly floatants are also very important in fly fishing. These are simply used to ensure the fly remains floating in the water.You will also need sunglasses, lip balm, fishing vest, wading pants and any other accessory you think you might need to make your fly fishing experience even more enjoyable.


man wading in stream on summer day fly fishing.

In conclusion, there is no need to stay at home on your day off. It is great to go out and try a new activity. This not only enables you to relax but also gets you out of your comfort zone as it allows you to enjoy different things and forget the everyday work load at work. Fly fishing is one of the best activities because you can do it with friends and it can be done at any time of the day. You therefore still have a choice to have a rest and still enjoy a fun night or day of fishing. Get some supplies and enjoy this amazing activity.
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