Wholesale Leather Bags For Women – A Must-Have For Fashion Boutiques

Genuine leather bags are a must-have for women’s fashion boutiques. They’re versatile, stylish and can match any clothing outfit.

Effective marketing and sales strategies can help you grow your wholesale leather bag business. These include using consultative selling techniques to build trust and rapport with buyers, offering discounts or promotions, and negotiating with suppliers.

  1. Cowhide

Cowhide leather is the most popular and widely used type of genuine leather. It is a thick and sturdy material that has many different finishes and quality grades. The best thing about cowhide is that no two hides are alike – each has the unique markings of the cow that it came from.

Raw cow skins undergo several stages of tanning and processing to achieve high-quality products. They can be tanned with either chrome or vegetable tanning methods.

Cow leather is often used to make fashion accessories like wallets, bags, belts, and stylish jackets. It also makes a great material for luggage pieces and furniture. Most of the time, cow leather is not dyed to retain its natural color. This is due to animal welfare laws that prevent the slaughter of cows for the purpose of making leather.

  1. Calfskin

When it comes to bags for women, calfskin leather is one of the most luxurious materials you can choose. It requires proper care and maintenance, but the results are worth it: a soft bag that is both durable and beautiful.

This type of leather is pressed to create the finished product, and it’s an artisan skill that involves sewing together pieces of different shapes and sizes. This allows the artisan to create a finished bag that is as close as possible to the original design of the product.

You can also use luxury fabric linings to add another layer of elegance to your bag. Linings like silk, cotton or linen are water resistant and are great alternatives to leather when you’re looking for something more durable.

  1. Cross-body

If your customers are looking for a stylish way to carry their essentials, then they’ll love these wholesale leather crossbody bags. They’re perfect for a day out shopping or a night on the town and they’ll go well with just about any outfit in your store’s collection. They’re also comfortable to wear for longer periods of time because the weight is distributed evenly over your shoulders, unlike a traditional over-the-shoulder purse. Available in a wide range of designs from leather to bohemian woven styles, these cute bags can fit a cell phone, small make-up items, keys, and cash. They also have a removable strap so you can choose a length that works best for your customers. Check out the clearance sales to score even better deals on these chic and trendy women’s bags.

  1. Vintage or hipster oriented

When it comes to fashion, vintage bags are in, especially when they are made from leather. Many women prefer to use such a style of bag for casual outings and events, such as birthday parties or weddings. This is why it is crucial for you to offer a variety of trendy styles of women’s genuine leather handbags wholesale, so that your customers can find the perfect one to purchase. You can discover a curated selection of these kinds of bags when you sign up for an account on Faires, an online marketplace that offers a wide range of unique wholesale products that can be bought in bulk for resale. It is an ideal platform for retailers, flea market vendors, and e-commerce sellers. The items are available at competitive prices.

  1. Floral or gardening motifs

Even though everybody is going crazy for oversized bags, you can still succeed with smaller models. Small leather handbags in general are easy to carry and can easily fit your customers’ daily outfits, especially if they have flower-like designs.

For example, this gray tote bag features a vibrant strip of red poppies and could work well for your customers who enjoy a garden or botanical theme. It’s also a good option for a vintage or hipster oriented shop since women who are into art such as painting, illustration, architecture and sculpture tend to appreciate this type of motifs.

A floral tote bag is a fresh accessory all year round and can be paired with many different types of outfits. For instance, this black tote features a delicate black and yellow flowers and honey hexagons that perfectly match the minimal coloring.leather bags for women wholesale

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