Why You Should Take First Aid Kits in Your Hunting Pack

   According to Statista, “About 47% hunters experience minor injuries when they are on hunting.” An injury, either major or minor must need protection. First aid kits work proficiently in this regard to prevent minor injuries. An old says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” However, the hunters should follow the advice of medical instructions on […]

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4 Survival tips for a safe and enjoyable hammock camping

Hammock camping is a new trend as it’s easy, convenient and more enjoyable than the traditional tent camping. Short plants forest with average rainfall rate, less mud, and swamp in Europe are perfect for hammock camping trips. At night, you will have a perfect view for stargazing and so romantic atmosphere for any sort of […]

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Best Hunting and Survival Knives – Reviews 2017

If you’re someone looking for a sturdy and versatile knife that you can use on a variety of occasions including rescuing yourself from a life and death situation, let’s get some facts straight right at the outset. For a start, there is no such thing as a survival knife. You’d be blessing your stars if […]

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The 4 Best Tactical Backpacks in 2017

A tactical backpack or rucksack is intended to furnish you with comprehensive or standardized storage support in any setting or situation. A premium quality compact or large tactical backpack should enable you to conveniently store and carry supplies essential for a hunting, fishing or bushcrafting trip. But when it comes to choosing a robust tactical […]

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Best Hunting Backpack – Reviews in 2017

A hunting bag or backpack is surely an indispensable that you can’t do without when you get ready to embark on a hunting trail. Therefore, having a durable hunting backpack where you can comfortably store and carry firearms as well as other accessories is a given. In the following paragraphs, four distinct brands of hunting […]

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How To Gut A Deer

Hunting is a sport that not only entertains but feeds. If you enjoy taking down your own food in their natural habitat, there are some things that you might want to do before bringing home the venison. Besides actually killing the deer, gutting it is something that you want to do as soon as possible.Whether […]

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