Benefits of a Solid Conservatory Roof

A solid conservatory roof is a great way to revitalize your existing conservatory without having to build a new one from scratch. Several benefits include:

You also get to choose from a range of roof window options to help bring in natural light. Some roofs even come with synthetic slate tiling to add an extra touch of elegance.
Improved insulation

A poorly insulated conservatory can be freezing cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer. This means it’s only ever used for a few months of the year at best.

However, a quality solid roof can change all this. The non transparent nature of the roof allows it to be better insulated which will keep your conservatory at a much more comfortable temperature throughout the year.

What’s more, the insulation will improve acoustics meaning your conservatory will be quieter too. Finally, a new solid roof will help you save money on heating costs as your conservatory will be less reliant on heating to keep warm.

There are a number of solid conservatory roofs available but we would recommend the Livinroof or Ultraroof systems from Ultraframe. These replacement conservatory roofs will transform your old draughty room into a cosy and usable space all year round, usually in just a few days! They also offer a plastered ceiling pelmet, roof windows and are designed to work with your existing window frames and doors.
Aesthetically pleasing

A solid conservatory roof is an attractive alternative to a polycarbonate or glass extension. These roofs are available in a range of colours and materials to match your existing home. They are also a good choice for homeowners who want a modern look.

These roofs are insulated and designed to be energy efficient. This means that you will enjoy a comfortable space all year round. This will help you save money on your heating bills and reduce the amount of environmental noise from outside your conservatory.

Additionally, solid conservatory roofs have beautiful vaulted ceilings. This gives the room a unique feel that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. They are also easy to decorate, so you can create a space that matches your personal tastes and style. You can even choose to incorporate a range of roof windows into your design, so you can enjoy plenty of natural light.
Increased value of your home

Using your conservatory all year round makes it feel like part of your home and can add to the value of your property. Having a solid roof will also improve the aesthetics making it cosy in the winter and brighter in the summer.

Many people are frustrated by poorly insulated conservatories that are cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. A replacement tiled conservatory roof with a solid roof will solve these issues, creating the perfect space for you to relax in all year round.

Solid roofs are usually clad with tiles or slates which have been designed to look like traditional roof coverings, and can be made to match the colour of your house. They can even be fitted with Velux windows for increased natural light. The Livinroof system includes a ceiling pelmet and is fully insulated to achieve excellent thermal performance. This is the only lightweight solid conservatory roof that allows shaped glass panels or Velux windows to be added.
A hassle-free installation

A solid conservatory roof can be fitted quickly and without the need to replace your existing windows, doors and base. In fact, it can be made watertight in just a few hours and you won’t have to wait long before you can start making the most of your new space.

You can even add some Velux-style roof windows if you want to retain some natural light whilst enjoying your new tiled conservatory roof’s insulation. However, it’s worth noting that this will decrease your thermal efficiency so if you are concerned about energy usage, then we would recommend opting for a glazed ceiling instead.

If you do decide to fit a glazed ceiling, it is important to remember that this work will be classed as material alteration and therefore needs to be signed off by a building inspector. At Roofworx Southwest, we can take care of this process for you, ensuring that your new conservatory meets all current building regulations.

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