Best Portable Breastfeeding Pumps

This wearable pump works hands free and pairs with an app to store and track your pumping history. It has a powerful vacuum that’s strong enough for double pumping and is available through many insurance providers.

It doesn’t require apps, batteries, or electricity to operate, making it great for those 2 a.m. pumping sessions.
Elvie Curve

Louise: Elvie is hailed for creating some of the best breast pumps on the market and the Curve is no exception. It has a soft silicone material that adapts to the shape of the breast, a valve that controls suction strength and an elegant look. It can be used hands-free and is quieter than many other manual pumps. It also doesn’t have to be plugged in or require a private space. However, it does need to be sterilized before the first use and each time after that.

The Elvie pump is worn inside a bra and has a discreet design so it can be used in public. It is also held securely by your bra, so you don’t have to worry about it being knocked off while expressing milk or when you have a wiggly baby. It comes with reusable milk receptacles that click into the bottom of the pump. You can read the side of the receptacle to see how much milk you have collected, which is helpful for accurate labeling when pumping into storage bags.
Motif Duo

The Motif Duo double electric breast pump offers convenience and efficiency to breastfeeding moms. Its unique features adapt to your active lifestyle and provide a seamless, discreet pumping experience.

The EZ-To-Use interface provides easy navigation through its simple button function and backlit LCD screen. You can quickly access the settings and monitor timings and levels with its intuitive layout.

It comes with a rechargeable battery and is portable for on-the-go pumping sessions. It uses a closed system, which prevents backflow and protects the motor from contamination.

The Motif Duo has 10 expression levels and 10 massage modes to customize your pumping experience. It is also BPA-free, making it a great choice for new and returning moms who are looking for a convenient pump that will fit into their busy lifestyle. The flanges, valves, tubing, and nipples are all made from non-porous silicone. It also has a quiet motor that produces only a low hum. It is lightweight and compact, and you can easily slip it into a bag.

Freemie is a hands-free pump that slips inside your bra (like Willow and Elvie), making it extremely portable. It’s also one of the most affordable wearable pumps on the market and is covered by most insurances.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a let down mode like Spectra or Medela, but this can be overcome by adjusting the speed and suction to get the right fit for your boobs. Plus, the newest version is a closed system, meaning that milk won’t leak back into the tubing from the collection cups.

Another plus is that it’s super quiet and fits easily in a pocket, so you can wear it on the go without sideways glances. It’s also easy to clean and comes with two flange sizes, though they are limited to up to 28 mm. Luckily, there are also third party flanges (such as Fitmie and Maymom) available that fit perfectly. The only con is that the pour spout hole has to be in the correct position or it won’t work properly.
Lansinoh Spectra 9 Plus

Spectra 9 Plus is a lightweight double electric breast pump made to support moms on the go. This portable model isn’t a hospital-grade pump but can still reach up to 260 mmHg and has a few unique features. It’s also a closed system (which means the pump motor doesn’t come in contact with milk, unlike the open system of the Medela Pump in Style).

Its compact and discreet design makes it easy to carry and fits into a small backpack or purse. It has a couple of massage modes that simulate the suckling of a baby and can help increase milk supply. The 9 Plus is also a quiet pump (at 45 decibels) and uses a backflow protector to prevent contamination of the motor. It also has a night light and screen to make it easier for you to use during those bleary midnight pumping sessions. The only downside is it doesn’t include a bag like the Medela Pump in portable pump

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