Best Refrigeration Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are an essential tool for HVAC technicians, ensuring that the system is empty and dry before refrigerant is added. Look for a vacuum pump with a CFM rate and an ultimate vacuum pressure of 15 microns or lower.

Make sure the vacuum pump has a clear sight glass to see its oil level, and an easily accessible drain plug for easy maintenance. You also want the pump to be thermally stable, as moisture degrades the purity of oil over time.

1. Vp85

The VP85 is an 8 CFM, DC motor vacuum pimp with a run quick oil change system. It features a large backlit oil reservoir window to clearly view the condition of the oil and system, so you know when it’s time to replace. The RunQuick system allows you to replace the pump oil in under 20 seconds – even with the pump running and without losing vacuum. It also has an extra wide base to prevent tipping and spilling, plus four in-line ports for tidy hose routing for three different sized hoses.

It’s lightweight and portable so it’s easy for HVACR professionals to carry to and from a job site. It also has a gas ballast, an anti oil-suck back-flow valve and a place to put your cord for tangle-free storage.

2. Fieldpiece

Using the right vacuum pump can make an HVAC job much easier and quicker. You can empty an HVAC system of air and gases before refrigerant is added to it. This makes it easy to check for and remove leaks.

The Fieldpiece is a simple to use vacuum pump for HVAC that you can switch on and off at your convenience. It features a 1/4 HP motor that is capable of producing an airflow rating of 3 CFM and a vacuuming rating of 80 microns. It comes with brass fitting tethered safety caps and is built to last with durable diecast aluminum alloy construction.

It can operate on two different voltages which is great for HVAC technicians that do a lot of door-to-door work. It also has a internal intake check valve to prevent oil backup.


The CPS VP6D Pro-Set Premium Series Vacuum Pump is a 6 CFM, 2 stage unit with a versatile dual voltage 1/2 HP motor. It boasts the same high quality, high value features engineered into all of the company’s Pro-Set vacuum pumps providing performance excellence and years of reliable service.

It offers an ultimate vacuum rating as low as 10 microns, making it easy to achieve the right working conditions. Other highlights include a proprietary oil mist free exhaust port cap, gas ballast valve and a large oil sight glass that makes maintenance easier.

This CPS refrigeration vacuum pump comes with a solid rubber base that grants extreme shock resistance and a sure-grip handle. It’s also easy to transport thanks to its two durable hoist points, oversized oil fill port and convenient drain port.

4. Robinair 15310

The Robinair 15310 is a single-stage vacuum pump engineered to increase productivity by providing fast, thorough air and moisture removal. It is a durable, lightweight unit that features a 3 CFM free air displacement, factory rated to 75 microns and an 8.5 ounce oil reservoir. Its one-stage rotary vane design makes it easy to evacuate systems while the intake screen keeps foreign matter out of the pumping chamber and internal exhaust filter separates oil vapor from the air flow. Additional features include a thermally protected motor, on/off rocker switch, high volume cooling fan, easy to read sight glass with min-max oil level indicator, angled oil drain valve, and nonskid feet.

Includes a “No Hassle” over-the-counter replacement warranty. See Specifications tab for voltage, micron rating, recommended uses, dimensions and more. Best refrigeration vacuum pumps

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