Bombardier Boats for Sale

bombardier for sale offers a wide range of boats for sale presently on Boat Trader. These vessels feature familiar deep vee design hulls generally used for traditional time-honored on-water activities, with most featuring gas fuel systems.

Bombardier’s Global private jet line first entered the market in 1998 with the 6,000nm-range Global Express model, followed by the 7000nm-range Global 7500 and 5,700nm-range Global 5500 models. For more information on these aircraft and their jet-competitors, see AvBuyer’s Bombardier Global Jet Comparison articles.

Aircraft Overview

Aircraft are heavier-than-air vehicles that use wings for flight. They also typically have a fuselage to support the rest of the structure and power the engine(s), which may be located on the fuselage or wings.

The design of aircraft involves many factors such as customer and manufacturer demands, safety protocols, and physical and economic constraints. The main load-bearing components of an aircraft are called the “airframe”, and the propulsion system is called the “powerplant”.

Engineers begin by sketching a wide range of configurations to reach a design that meets requirements. Basic features like the fuselage shape, wing configuration and location, and engine type are determined at this stage. Aircraft designers must balance weight versus performance during this phase as aerodynamic forces act differently on different parts of the airframe depending on flight conditions and payload. For example, controlling how much fuel and passengers are loaded and where in the airplane is important. In 1998, Bombardier launched its Global business jet line to answer the market’s appetite for ultra-long-range travel. The company later expanded this model with the Global Express XRS and Global 6500 to offer cabin improvements and Rolls-Royce BR710 Pearl engines for improved hot and high performance.


Bombardier designed these vehicles to move slowly over almost any terrain, able to switch between skis and wheels depending on the conditions. They were not built to go fast, but they were extremely capable and reliable.

The company was founded in 1942 by Joseph Armand Bombardier to market his snowmobiles. The company diversified into public transport vehicles and later commercial jets.

Currently, the company’s CSeries jetliner has been grounded after one of its engines failed during maintenance testing this week. Bombardier is investigating the incident with engine maker Pratt & Whitney.

Aircraft sales firm Jetcraft recently took delivery of a Bombardier Global 6500 and is offering the plane for sale. The aircraft offers a spacious cabin and Rolls-Royce BR710 Pearl engines that offer improved fuel efficiency, hot and high performance, and range over the original Global Express model. The Global 6500 also has a new flight deck with Synthetic Vision System and MultiScan weather radar systems.


The Bombardier Global 7500 is one of the newest wide-cabin private jets in the world. Its long range makes it ideal for flying around the globe. This particular jet is currently for sale. Rushton says the owner hasn’t flown on it in a while and may be looking to sell.

The Global 7500 is powered by Bombardier’s revolutionary Nuage seat, which features a trackless footprint and permanently centered swivel axis for intuitive movement. It’s also fully customizable, with a virtually infinite selection of leathers and fabrics.

This particular Bombardier has 10 first class seats and 20 economy plus seats with extra legroom. United Airlines plans to deploy them on routes that require a premium product. Because the cabin has smaller overhead and under seat storage, larger carry-on bags must be placed on a planeside cart prior to boarding. This allows passengers to quickly get on and off the aircraft. It’s a great way to avoid the hassle of airline baggage claims.


Bombardier jets for sale are attractive to buyers because of their spacious cabins and competitive operating costs. The Learjet 605 and Challenger 604 are the most popular models on the market, but there is a wide range of Bombardier business jets to choose from.

In the world of jets, maintenance is a big concern for owners. That’s why it’s important to find an app that can help keep track of service and troubleshoot problems quickly. Bombardier has launched myMaintenance, a new mobile app that’s part of its Smart Link Plus system. The app gives bizjet owners the ability to manage aircraft maintenance and upkeep from any device.

Bombardier boats for sale are currently listed on YachtWorld by experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships mainly in the United States. Boats presently listed by the builder have familiar boat hull types including deep vee, usually used for traditional, time-honored boating on-the-water pursuits and a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities. They typically come rigged with inboard and other drive power options, most often using gas engines.

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