Creative 1st Anniversary Gifts

If the newlyweds are foodies, they’ll love this eclair baking kit. This elevated take on the traditional paper gift includes high-quality pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

A pricier traditional gift for this anniversary is crystal, which symbolizes clarity in marriage. This beautiful crystal refracts light into stunning spectrums.

Give them something they can enjoy together by booking virtual wine tasting classes. They’ll learn about different varietals, growing practices and more.
A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

One year in the books calls for a gift that’s a little more substantial than a greeting card or handwritten love note. This on-theme present ticks all the right boxes.

If your spouse loves to write, a personalized poetry book is a sentimental first anniversary gift that’ll make them smile. Add their name and a dedication to the front cover for an extra sweet touch.
A Gold-Vermeil Necklace

Gold vermeil is a 925-marked form of gold plating on base metal, and it’s less expensive than solid gold jewelry. It’s also hypoallergenic, so it won’t trigger skin reactions like sterling silver can.

Celebrate this milestone with a gift that’s oh-so-sweet. This coffee-inspired print captures their loving connection in an artful way. They’ll love displaying this piece in their home.
A Set of Sand-Filled Cuff Links

For a dressier take on the modern first anniversary gift, try this stylish accessory. It features your partner’s wedding vows inlaid in tarnish-resistant metal for a thoughtful keepsake.

Capture your favorite beach memories with these cuff links that are filled with sand from a destination of your choice. Just add the location when you order! These cufflinks also feature a functional hourglass timer.
A Framed Vow Print

Whether you’re shopping for your spouse or favorite couple, a thoughtful 1st anniversary gift is always a good idea. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of creative ideas that riff on the milestone’s traditional themes.

This foil-printed print is an on-theme gift they’ll proudly display in their home. Customize it with their names and wedding date for a personalized touch. It’s also an excellent alternative to a bouquet of flowers.
A Travel Stub Diary

Whether it’s their front row seat at a Bruce Springsteen concert or that standing ovation they got at the opening of Lion King, this take-along album will let them keep all of their priceless memories in one place. Clear sleeves accommodate various ticket sizes, while acid-free pages will preserve their souvenirs for years to come.

If they’re itching to tick off some items on their bucket list, this gift will help them get started.
Paper Flowers

A fun twist on the traditional gift, this set of stationery includes personalized monogrammed envelopes and a set of custom-designed note cards. It’s the perfect way to show them just how much you love them.

Keeping with the theme of paper, this framed piece of origami art can be customized to feature you and your sweetheart together. They’ll be sure to cherish it for years to come.
A Set of Stationery

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, so a set of stationery makes for a thoughtful and sentimental present. This set features a notepad, bookmark and journal that each have a different tree design for added interest.

If your favorite couple loves to travel, this framed map will be the perfect way to showcase their past adventures and future plans. Customize it with their names and wedding date for an extra special touch.
A Map

A classic tennis bracelet is a timeless gift for the couple. Or, opt for something new like a self-operating vacuum from iRobot that they can use in their home.

If they love to travel, this framed map lets them scratch off the places they’ve visited together. It even comes engraved with their names and anniversary date. This modern alternative to the traditional first-year paper and clock gifts also makes a great heirloom.
Personalized Address Labels

Personalized address labels are an easy way to add a special touch to every card, invitation or announcement you send. Choose from a wide selection of stylish designs to suit your spouse’s taste.

This hand-casting kit with guided prompts is a romantic and thoughtful gift for the writer in your life. It has 5-star reviews from thousands of satisfied couples. You can even personalize it with a favorite photo for an added touch.
A Hardcover Book

A hardcover book is a classic gift option for those who love to read. These books are often more expensive than paperbacks, and they’re made to last longer too.

This meaningful first anniversary gift blends two of the milestone’s traditional symbols in one: paper and clocks. This set includes a relationship journal and prompts for intimate discussions that will help you grow closer as a couple.1st Anniversary Gifts

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