Exercise Supplies to Help You Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals

Exercise supplies help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for a treadmill to burn calories or a power tower to make your strength training more challenging, there are options available to suit all budgets.

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Resistance Bands

Strength training is a key component of any workout, and resistance bands can add some extra muscle-building challenge to your routine. Also known as fit loop bands, these long tubular bands with plastic handles on each end can make it easier to do a variety of exercises that target the upper body.

The color-coded elastic bands come in various thicknesses, and each typically correlates with a specific level of resistance. They’re super lightweight and portable, making them ideal for working out at home. You can even take them on business trips, as they won’t add any bulk to your carry-on luggage. Just be sure to progress gradually in your band workouts. Going too fast puts you at risk for injury and burnout. Plus, it’s easy to hurt your knees and shoulders by overstretching a band.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are a cheap, effective way to get in a sweaty, total-body workout. Plus, they’re portable, making them a great choice during these pandemic times when it may be more difficult or time-consuming to get to the gym.

Recruiting the muscles in your upper and lower body, jumping rope helps strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and core. It also improves your balance and agility, according to the American Council on Exercise.

Since jumping rope is a high-impact exercise, it can put strain on your knees, hips and ankles. To help reduce this stress, you should wear well-padded shoes and jump on a surface that minimizes impact, like a mat or grass. You can even find jump ropes that are lightly weighted or cordless to allow you to connect with your smartphone and track the number of circles and calories burned.

Step Bench

Many gyms use a piece of equipment called an aerobic step or a step bench, and it’s also one of the most affordable pieces of exercise equipment you can get for home use. These lightweight raised platforms are typically four to 12 inches high and can be modified with risers based on the needs of your workout.

Stand facing the step with your feet hip-width apart. Shift your weight into your right foot and lower it to the floor behind you until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle, feeling like a lunge movement. Repeat for the desired number of reps on each side.

This model from HomGarden has a firm rubber textured surface that provides secure footing for your HIIT workouts and the adjustable height makes it ideal for full-body circuits. This platform also folds flat for easy storage.

Exercise Mat

If you’re prone to back pain or prefer a soft surface under your feet, an exercise mat may make workouts more comfortable. These mats are thick and offer floor protection, making them ideal for those who exercise in gyms and other fitness studios where the floors can get dirty or have a hard surface.

The surface of these mats also features a texture that offers optimum grip, which can help you avoid skidding or falling while you work up a sweat. Many fitness mats fold up easily and come with nylon carry straps, which makes them portable and easy to take with you on the go or store in your home gym. They’re also available in a range of thicknesses to suit different exercise needs.

Yoga or Pilates Equipment

While yoga and Pilates may sound similar, they are two unique workouts that strengthen the body in very different ways. Both are low-impact and provide real boosts in strength, flexibility, balance and core strength.

Small Pilates props like magic circles and resistance bands make a great addition to an at-home studio. These smaller pieces of equipment are easy to store and travel friendly, making them a great investment for an at-home Pilates routine.

Large Pilates equipment like the reformer is typically found in a fully-equipped Pilates studio. These machines allow for new exercises to be performed and can increase the intensity of an existing Pilates workout.

Ankle weights are another compact Pilates prop that can be used to add resistance to many different exercises. These weights wrap around the ankles or wrists and are ideal for upgrading clamshells or making bicep curls more challenging.fitness supplies

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