Garment Finishing Services

Garment finishing services are a crucial part of turning your design into a finished garment. They can include neck tags, hem labels, fold and bag, and label printing.

The Tech Pack is a document that contains detailed flat sketches of your design as well as fabric details, sizes and specs. It will also contain a Bill of Materials (BOM).
Neck Tags

Many countries have different regulations around what needs to be featured on a shirt label. Generally speaking though, most labels need to feature information about the fabric, wash instructions, and other important aspects of garment care. It’s also crucial to include the identity of the manufacturer and other businesses responsible for marketing or handling the shirt. In the United States, it’s also mandatory to state the fiber disclosure on the label.

Printing a custom neck label is a popular way to add your branding to shirts in a subtle and eye-catching way. It’s a simple way to increase brand visibility and build loyalty with your customers. Most people look at the tag for sizing and other important details, so printing a customized label on every shirt is a great way to show them who you are and what your brand stands for.
Hem Tags

Hem Tags, also known as tabbies or hem labels are the small folded logo labels you see on the bottom hem or sleeve hem of your clothing. Whether on a t-shirt, hoodie, or beanie, a custom hem label is one of the newest and most fashionable ways to add branding to your apparel.

Hem tags are a great alternative to traditional neck or seam tags. They reduce the area of distinct skin contact and are soft, smooth, and non-irritating for people with sensitive skin. They can be made of either woven or satin printed and come in different folds such as center, manhattan, and no-fold.

Hem labels are a great way to add a little flair to your product and make your brand stand out from the competition. If you are looking for a high-quality, durable label that will last, a woven hem tag is the way to go. If you are working with intricate designs and small print, a satin printed label is a better option.
Fold & Bag

After washing and pressing, your apparel will be bagged or folded if you’d like. This is ideal if you sell online as it will keep your garments clean and organised while in storage. We offer a variety of fold options including centre, mitre or end folded.

Our HoopMaster Fold & Bag machine is a portable & adjustable folding device which makes consistent folding easy & gives shirts a professional look. It can be adjusted to fold widths of 9-12 inches. We’ll then place the shirts into bags before removing them from the machine.

We can also add woven labels to your bags, these are stitched onto the ends of the bag. We can add a branded logo or other important information, like size & care instructions. These are a great option if you don’t want to have your own printed stickers applied to each shirt. This is a cost effective solution for those selling online only.
Label Printing

Adding a label gives your garment a finished look and helps to elevate the branding of your product. It may be as simple as printing your logo on a hang tag or as complex as embroidering workwear for your staff.

Label converters print labels using digital software that allows for more flexibility and significant production cost savings over traditional flexographic printing methods. This allows changes to be made to a printed label without the need to create new printing plates.

Label materials include a wide variety of papers, foils, vinyls and polyesters. Depending on the application, different materials are used to achieve specific properties such as water resistance or abrasion resistance. Some labels are laminated to increase durability. Some label adhesives require surface preparation to improve their adhesion and adherence to the substrate, while others have special chemistry for curved surfaces or small diameters. Some label stocks are coated with commercial fuzz or lint to improve their appearance and texture.apparel finishing services

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