Hillhaven Condominiums

Hillhaven aims to provide a range of programs that encourage social connections, cognitive health, spiritual happiness, and physical fitness. Residents of all ages are welcomed to the community and encouraged to participate in activities that enhance their unique strengths, interests, and abilities. These include a robust calendar of special events, seasonal festivities, and celebrations of worthy causes, such as those honoring local police, veterans, or caregivers. Hillhaven also offers its signature MONTESSORI MOMENTS IN TIME program, which provides a variety of stimulating experiences for memory care residents that are designed to stimulate sensory perception, emotional well-being, and spiritual connection.

The enclave where hillhaven is located offers a diverse range of shopping and entertainment destinations, including malls like HillV2 and restaurants that offer a selection of food from around the world. Hillhaven neighborhood also has a good selection of parks and recreational centers that provide plenty of opportunities for residents to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

When hillhaven was incorporated in 1955, it quickly emerged as a new and progressive force in the nursing home industry. In a 1958 Reader’s Digest article, the company was hailed as a pioneer in transforming the quality of care offered to elderly Americans. By the time Hillhaven was spun off from National Medical in 1990, it operated a network of 377 skilled nursing facilities and more than 180 pharmacies.

Despite its early successes, Hillhaven faced a series of challenges as it entered the 1990s. The company’s facilities were plagued by intense competition and escalating operating costs. To combat these pressures, the company began to streamline operations by eliminating those facilities that did not meet the operating and financial criteria it had established.

In 1995, the company accepted a buyout offer from Vencor, Inc., a Louisville, Kentucky-based operator of 35 long-term intensive-care hospitals with more than $400 million in annual revenues. The merger was seen as a natural fit, since Hillhaven’s management would remain intact in the newly combined operation. Roughly 65 percent of Hillhaven’s nursing homes were located in states where Vencor operated hospitals, a relationship that would help drive referrals.

Getting to and from Hillhaven Condo is easy, thanks to its close proximity to various transport options. Hillhaven is a short walk from buses that operate along Bukit Batok Street 93, as well as from the Hillview MRT station. This makes it convenient for future residents to get to work, school, and other essential amenities with ease.

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