How Does a Hair Blower Work?

The electric current causes the small motor inside the hair dryer to spin. As the motor spins, it pushes air over and through a heating element. The heated air warms the water molecules in your hair. This speeds up their evaporation.

When your hair is dry, it naturally wants to fall back into the general shape you blow dried it in. This saves you from having to use as much product.

  1. It Drys Your Hair Faster

Despite all the advances we’ve made to make showering more luxurious, drying your hair is still one of the most monotonous parts of your daily routine. And for brides who have several wedding-related events to attend, it’s especially important to be able to dry their hair as quickly as possible so they can spend more time enjoying their special bridal moments.

Hairstylist Devin Rahal explains that the key to speeding up the blow-dry process is using conditioner in your shower and blotting your hair with a microfiber towel afterward, which can wick away excess water and accelerate the drying process. She also recommends blow-drying your hair in sections with a ceramic brush to help it dry more evenly. Also, always use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage to your hair.

Hair dryers use a small electric motor to spin a fan. That fan pulls air through a few layers of resistors that generate heat to warm it by forced convection. The hot air then streams out the end of the hair dryer’s barrel.

Most hair dryers have both a low and a high airflow setting. The difference is that when you turn on the high setting, the motor speeds up and the fan rotates faster, creating a stronger flow of air.

A nozzle attachment directs the hair dryer’s airflow for precise styling and smooth results. Some also emit negative ions that seal the cuticle, minimizing frizz and static for a polished finish. For the most versatility, look for a model with interchangeable nozzles and a diffuser. This feature lets you dry kinky hair and define voluminous curls, while still providing a fast blowout. It’s easy to use, too—those attachments snap into place and are simple to switch blower

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