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Unlike most PG-rated animated shows, Lilo and Stitch features no fatalities or overtly offensive humor. There’s plenty of action violence, though — including cosmic shoot-em-ups between spaceships.

It’s a charming story of friendship and loyalty, and also the importance of ohana — family. It’s not the best work Disney has produced in recent memory, but it’s still very enjoyable.
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Stitch is an anarchic, destructive alien who finds friendship and family with a lonely Hawaiian girl in this Disney classic. The film delivers classic slapstick humor, sophisticated wit and a touching story that everyone can relate to.

The movie also teaches lessons of compassion, respect and loyalty. Lilo learns to appreciate her sister Nani, while Stitch gains a sense of responsibility and esteems teamwork. Hawaiian culturefrom surfing and luaus to traditional music and sunburned touristsis portrayed with affection. And although there are some minor scenes of mild sexual innuendo, no one is harmed.

The TV series is a great follow-up to the movie. All of the original voice actors reprise their roles and there are new situations for our lovable pair to get into. The production values are good, but they don’t match up to the lush animation of the film. Nevertheless, this is still a good show for kids and adults.
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There’s no better way to say aloha to your friends than by sporting a sweet Lilo and Stitch hoodie. You can find this and more hoodies that feature your favorite alien duo at Spencer’s, where you’ll also be able to find other Disney Lilo and Stitch merchandise. You’ll be ready to travel across the galaxy with Lilo and Stitch when you carry a Disney Lilo and Stitch travel mug that lets them tag along.

Get the cute side of Stitch with this officially licensed Lilo and Stitch Cute Face Stitch Hoodie. This blue hoodie features a large print of the adorable alien pup and a front zipper, and is perfect for showing your love for everyone’s favorite mischievous extraterrestrial.

Rep the adorable alien duo this Halloween and every day when you wear this heathered Lilo and Stitch hoodie for adults. It has a front zipper and a detachable Stitch face panel on the hood, making it easy to show off your love for the adorable experiment from outer space.
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Stitch and Lilo are a lovable pair that can capture the hearts of everyone watching this fun show. The show has a full cast of characters with great personalities and the water color animation is beautiful. Remote tropical settings with weird science fiction settings are mixed well to make this a show that appeals to both kids and adults.

If you’re looking for a show that follows up on the movie Stitch, this is one to watch. It has all the great characters from the movie, but it also adds new situations for our friends to get into and solve.

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Stand up for something you believe in with these full length, waist cut Disney Lilo & Stitch leggings, featuring original designs sold by independent artists printed on both front and back. The super stretchy, durable fabric will keep you comfortable at the gym or while lounging on your couch. Junior/teenage sizing; runs smaller/slimmer than women’s sizing. Officially licensed. XXS-XL. Made in the USA. This item ships direct from the manufacturer, so shipping may take a little longer than usual. Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery. International orders may be subject to additional charges. Please email us with any questions.Lilo and Stitch Clothings

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