Mushroom Kits From the Divine Assembly

Mushroom kits are a great way to introduce people to mushroom cultivation. These kits come with a number of different products that you can use to grow your own magic mushrooms. The most important aspect of these kits is the inoculated substrate, and they also include simple instructions for growing your mushrooms. These mushroom kits are an easy way to get started in the fascinating world of psilocybin cultivation.

The Magic mushroom kits from the Divine Assembly are designed to be a convenient and affordable way to cultivate mushrooms at home. The kits include a kit of sterilized substrate and spores, a box to hold the inoculated substrate, a mister bottle and instructions. The kit can be used to grow a variety of different strains of magic mushrooms. The kits are available for purchase online, and the church says it will provide a refund if you are not satisfied with your results.

A co-founder of the Divine Assembly told The Salt Lake Tribune that the church’s mushroom kits stemmed from its psilocybin workshop called “Shroomiversity.” He said many congregants could not attend the workshops, so the church decided to bring the information and mushrooms to them via e-commerce.

To ensure the highest quality, the Divine Assembly partnered with the Mushroom Institute of America (MiA) for the development of these kits. The MiA is the leading research organization for psilocybin and other hallucinogenic drugs, including LSD, DMT, psilocin and ayahuasca. The MiA has over a hundred years of experience in psilocybin research and works with federally funded grants to fund psychedelic research.

The MiA’s Magic mushroom kit was one of the most popular among our testers. It has a very simple set-up, and it includes a mister bottle for twice daily misting of the substrate. The kit is also easy to clean, and it comes with instructions on sterilization. It was also a great value, and it was the most successful in terms of product yield in our tests.

While the MiA’s Magic mushroom kit is a good choice, it does have some drawbacks. The most significant problem is the difficulty of opening the kit. It requires a fork or knife to puncture the plastic and expose the mushroom log, which can be difficult for beginners to do. This kit also did not perform as well as some of the other kits we tested when it came to a second harvest, but it is still a good option for anyone interested in growing their own magic mushrooms.

The budget buy in our group, this kit is a great way to start the journey of cultivating your own magic mushrooms. The kit contains a bag of pre-inoculated substrate, which can be used with a variety of different strains of psilocybe mushrooms. The bag can be inoculated with the spores of your choice, and it can produce a harvest within two weeks. The kit can be placed in a dark area of the house, and it is recommended to mist it twice daily.

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