Regency Gas Heaters Fireplace

When you choose a Regency gas heaters Fireplace, you’re choosing a quality, efficient heating option that’s easy to operate. Plus, they blend into any decor.

Unlike wood stoves, which can burn unpredictably and release dangerous chemicals into the air, these models are certified to be clean burning. They also use less wood and produce less smoke to protect the surrounding air quality.

No electricity required

Regency gas heaters Fireplace radiate heat without the need for electricity, which ensures safe and reliable operation even during power outages.

Whether you prefer the traditional look of a wood stove, or a clean and contemporary design that matches today’s trends, Regency has a freestanding gas stove to fit your style.

If you have a newer model that uses an intermittent pilot ignition system (IPI), it still doesn’t require electricity to light the pilot flame. However, many IPI models are equipped with IntelliFire or IntelliFire Plus ignition systems that include battery-powered backup modules to allow for use of your hearth during power outages.

The no electricity required Regency gas heaters Fireplace makes it easy to update your old masonry fireplace into a more efficient and cost effective gas heating solution. And, because natural gas remains one of the cheapest fuels available, it’s an ideal way to save on operating costs.

Lower operating costs

A gas heaters Fireplace may cost less to operate than traditional wood-burning or electric heating solutions. This is because the fireplace requires a smaller amount of fuel to maintain the same amount of heat.

In addition to lower operating costs, a Regency gas heaters Fireplace also doesn’t emit sparks or hot embers that could pollute the air in your home or surrounding area. This is a good thing for the environment and your family’s safety.

In fact, you can even use your Regency gas heaters Fireplace as a backup heating source when the power goes out. This is especially useful if you’re living in Northern Michigan, where the power is frequently out.


If you’re in the market for a fireplace that offers both style and function, you’ll want to check out Regency gas heaters. These high quality heating appliances boast a long list of convenience features like programmable thermostats and electronic ignition that save you money on your gas bill while also saving the environment.

These appliances come in all shapes and sizes and are available as a freestanding or integrated into your existing fireplace. They’re designed to complement a wide range of home styles from contemporary and modern to classic and traditional. You can even choose from a variety of fuels like natural gas and propane. The company has been making its way in the hearth business since 1979, but they’re still leading the pack with their top-notch manufacturing and attention to detail.


If you want to bring the look and ambiance of a wood fire into your home, you’ll find that Regency has several models that fit that bill. From contemporary to traditional, they’re crafted with clean lines in mind and designed to blend in with today’s decorating trends.

They are available in a variety of styles and finishes to make them as versatile as they are functional, able to provide just the right amount of flame and heat to create the ambiance you desire.

Gas inserts are a great way to fix a cold draft in your fireplace and lower your heating costs by creating highly efficient heat with EPA certified emissions. They also come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit most existing wood fireplaces.


Regency fireplaces and stoves are designed for efficiency and ease of use. They are available in a variety of styles, and are made with quality materials and sleek finishing.

They also offer a wide range of options, including gas, wood, and pellet heating products. These products are a great way to save money on home heating costs.

A high-efficiency gas fireplace insert from Regency can heat a small home, or a basement suite. It can seal a chimney and provide both convective and radiant heat. It has an advanced remote control and works even when the power goes out.

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