Thailand Privilege – The Freedom to Live and Work in Thailand

Thailand privilege is a long-term visa program that provides the freedom to live in the Land of Smiles. This unique residence option is a great solution for remote workers, digital nomads, retirees, and entrepreneurs.

A one-time fee gets you a 10-year privilege entry visa with optional 1-year extensions. This package also includes complimentary VIP privileges.

The Visa

This program allows foreigners to live and work legally in Thailand for up to 20 years. It is the first long term visa and privilege entry program of its kind in the world, offering a comprehensive range of benefits for high net worth individuals, families, and retirees.

Those who choose to join this program will work closely with a registered agent. The agent will help you complete the application process from start to finish. This will include completing the necessary paperwork, providing proof of income, and more. The agent can also assist you with the 90-day reporting required by Thai immigration laws.

Once your visa is approved, you can travel freely to and from Thailand as you please. When you enter the country, you’ll be greeted at the airport by a concierge, and you will have access to airport lounges as well.

The Thailand Elite Privilege program has a number of other benefits as well, including discounts on hotels, restaurants, and shopping outlets. You’ll also have access to exclusive golf courses, spa resorts, and other leisure activities. You can even get a free annual medical checkup for the duration of your Thailand privilege membership. This is one of the best reasons to consider a Thailand privilege program for permanent residency and citizenship in the Land of Smiles.

The Agent

If you are a high-net-worth individual looking for a Thailand residency program, you should consider the Elite Visa. This long-term residence visa enables you to live in Thailand while also enjoying a host of VIP benefits. This includes accommodation, travel, leisure, health and financial services, as well as access to yacht trips and supercar test drives.

The best way to apply for this visa is through one of the accredited GSSAs. These are firms authorized by the Thailand Privilege Card Company to offer counseling and support during the visa application process. The benefit of using an accredited GSSA is that they can save you time and accelerate the processing of your application.

Once you’ve selected an agent, they will complete a questionnaire on your behalf and prefill the official application form. They will then submit the application to the Thai immigration bureau on your behalf and liaise with them throughout the process.

Once your visa is approved, it will be affixed to your passport. You can then fly to Thailand and take advantage of the many benefits offered by the Elite Visa program. This includes a welcome from a concierge, priority queue at passport control and limousine transfers to your accommodation. There are also no minimum stay requirements, so you can leave and reenter as many times as you like.

The Application

The Thailand Elite Privilege Scheme is a membership program designed to make VIP facilities, privileges and facilitation available for long-term stays for foreign investors or those seeking to use this stunning country as a vacation home. It also makes the process of obtaining a visa and living in Thailand easier and faster.

A one-off fee covers the visa and membership package. There are different packages to choose from, including the Elite Superiority Extension which is a 10-year visa. Additional family members can be added to this visa for a smaller one-off fee.

When you become a member, you are assigned an agent who will prefill your Elite Visa application and help you submit it. They will liaise with Immigration on your behalf and help you meet the 90-day reporting requirements.

The advantage of working with a registered agent is that they offer personalized one-on-one service from start to finish and are able to answer your questions as you go. They also work with you to provide support services once you have arrived in Thailand, including helping you open a bank account, assisting with administrative documentation and putting you in touch with professionals. They also provide assistance with obtaining medical insurance. They can also assist with booking airline tickets, renting a car or a condo, settling into your new lifestyle and much more.

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